Inventory pinning and cleanup

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  1. Thank you! We are aware of the issue and are working on fixing this.
  2. Why is my inventory still full of junk then
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  3. ok thank you :)
  4. Still got:
    Monarch Bun
    Writ of Surrender
    Moonstone Havenrune
    Werewolf Fur
  5. Thank you, added them!
  6. We have released a further update with the following:
    • Pinned items are always at the top regardless of filter or sorting
    • Items are correctly sorted by filter, e.g. recency
    • Furniture no longer visible in showcases
    • Other showcase-related bug fixes
  7. After submitting screen shots of my inventory listing 65 "other items" why do i then need to list each item in here for "possible future consideration"? I posted suggestions way back in July 2016 in the previous summer clean up that you failed to follow up on.
  8. Please can you add a filter to the showcase & trade screens to allow us to sort by most powerful stacks, thank you 👍🏼
  9. Fr do tho
  10. Can you also remove items in the options section that we have no way to use/delete? Old Tarot Cards, Tithe coins, etc..
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  11. Done of those items can be reused when the special event is rerun - tarot cards come back everyso often, am sure some of the others do also
  12. Still waiting...
    Like, remove all past event Garbage as well?! Pretty sure we're not reusing any past event combining pieces...
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  13. How about the makerplace it needs a makeover. & easier to navigate.
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  14. Might I suggest the ability to pin equipment also? It would aid in the ability to find the equipment I want to mount depending on it's task.
  15. Very much appreciated
  16. What’s the reason for starring an item ?
  17. Show it off, keep track of it in trading menu, specify certain items to other players, keep it handy for quick access (e.g. chests), etc. YMMV. App must be updated for it to be used.
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  18. Items are still not sorting properly when using the “recent” filter
  19. Please remove my old (previous year) celebration chest