Inventory pinning and cleanup

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  1. Hello KAW! As we reach the end of summer, it's time to do a little housekeeping. We are rolling out some inventory updates that should help you stay organized, as well as going through and removing old collection items that you may have leftover in your inventories.

    Starring items

    We are releasing the ability for you to star items in your inventory! Please note that you must update your KAW client in order to use this feature; the new version is out for Android, and the iOS version will be in the store shortly!

    In your inventory, press and hold on an item to bring up its information. Click on the star icon in the top left to star the item.

    For items such as boxes or chests, you can also access this feature on the "Open chest" page:

    In the above two images, please note the box is in a "not yet starred" state and the charm is in a "starred" state. The star button will appear pressed if the item is pinned.

    Pinned items will show up first in your showcase, as well as in trade, with a blue background:

    There is now an additional filter to show only starred items:

    Item cleanup

    We have gone through and removed some collection items from previous events that are no longer useful. The items being removed can be found below. Have other old items cluttering up your inventory? Post them below and they'll be added to the list for the next round of removals!

    Health Crystal Recipe
    Tokens of Follyvine's Favor
    To the Faefolk!
    Follyvine Intrigue
    Ancient Lore of the Fae
    Guard Your Pockets!
    Field Marshal's Reports
    Flameblossom Seedling
    Frostblossom Seedling
    Windblossom Seedling
    Earthblossom Seedling
    Blooming Flameblossom
    Blooming Frostblossom
    Blooming Windblossom
    Blooming Earthblossom
    Fae Parchment
    Ethereal Shimmerfly
    Holm's Messenger
    Off the Path
    Dark Forest Trophies
    Wayward Note
    Hooded Witchberries
    Farseeing Owl Tears
    Serum of Truth-Telling
    Holm's Trail
    Faeriecap Blossoms
    Riddle Research
    Amulet of Viskard's Light
    God-Charged Weapon
    Damage to Khal'Khor
    Demonic Victory
    Spellshield of the Arcana Keeper
    Spellbound Void Crystal
    Soul Containment Vessel
    Binding Salts
    Demonic Soul
    Press Your Advantage!
    Invigorating Herbs
    Secrets of Viskard
    Demonic Protection (6 hours)
    Mind Steeled
    Conjured Reinforcements
    Through the Trees
    The Mage's Resistance
    Binding Command
    Sinister Splinters
    Waveraker Wings
    Sea Serpent Spines
    Surging Forward
    The Mage's Resolve
    Ship's Bell Toll
    Deeplatch Shell Fragments
    Men-nu Jewel
    Raw Magic Infusion
    Charged Men-nu Jewel
    Maat Crystal
    Shasa Windcall
    Artemagus Artecore
    Broken Circlet of Loyalty
    Broken Artecore
    Kasar Infiltration
    Klepmagika Jewel
    Freed Shasa
    Trap Disarmed!
    Sapping and Sabotage
    Siege Escalation
    Shattered Obelisk
    Marsin Rat Tail
    Dhahab Lizard Tail
    Green Dancers' Favor
    Scroll of Auric Transmutation
    Goblet of Akanthian Wine
    Gwyn's Performance
    Memories of Valor
    Memories of Loyalty
    Astral's Favor
    Brannyn's Petition
    Gwyn's Appeal
    Thanna's Plea
    Cannoneers, Fire!
    Safe Recovery
    Attack the Queen!
    Release Prisoner!
    Myriapod Wing
    Feeding Maze Ooze
    Ballista Bolt
    Ugdalf's Explosive Agent
    Explosive Bolt
    Sound the Horns!
    Chant Orison
    Prayer for Appeasement
    Volana's Tears
    Drop of Tempest Essence
    Tempest Bomb
    Midgeveil Incense
    Ardent Coal
    Wingmite Mandibles

    EDIT: Thank you for all your item suggestions everyone. We will soon be doing a second round of removals of the following items:

    Helpful Faefolk
    Deer Pelt
    Dunnic Ore
    Vathri Oak
    Blue Sickle
    Iron Fetter
    Monarch Bun
    Prima Token
    Arxium Chunk
    Werewolf Fur
    Baccha Beetle
    Dwarven Feast
    Gobblyn Heart
    Hreinsa Crown
    Orange Sickle
    Scorched Note
    Wooden Barrel
    Yellow Sickle
    Eldritch Ichor
    Grappling Iron
    Impure Etymite
    Augural Bouquet
    Ritual Remnants
    Sealed Dispatch
    Salamandrite Ore
    Shattered Dagger
    Solaureate Ingot
    Soul Coalescence
    Virenite Crystal
    Bloodstained Sash
    Writ of Surrender
    Moonstone Havenrune
    Raven Feather Quill
    Assassin Spicepepper
    Lock of Unicorn Mane
    Arrows of Holy Rebuke
    Gorta Metalhawk Feather
    Bloodstained Fingernails
    Row Your Boat
    Follow the Lights
    To the Underworld
    Voices of the Dead
    Guardian's Bones
    Log of Ferried Souls
    Evening's Tale Crystal
    Vessel of Fae Dreams
    Fae Dreamward Helm
    Dreameater's Trail
    Dreadmoth Hunt Preparation

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  2. Please make more fun events. Add more pvp into it!
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  3. Awesome sauce
  4. Groovy, I like this! Thank you!
  5. Awesome! Now with a cleaner inventory maybe there's room to add a buffet? I'm pretty hungry. I'll move some of my furniture to make extra room if needed :D
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  6. Thanks for the improvement here, could you think about addition sorting for EQ as well please. Being able to sort uncharmed equipment by CS and individual stat would be lovely. Thanks again for this one.
  7. This is awesome... Thank you
  8. Hey devs thanks for the qol update. Any news/eta on charm stat counter when trading? Is it in the works?
  9. Thanks for the cleanup. I still have 39 old and useless items that should go through cleanup.
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  10. We also have different coloured sickles from a previous event eb which need to be removed.
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  11. What kind of inventory are you removing? Clarification would be nice.
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  12. There's a list under spoiler tab at the end of Ops post
  13. Yes I do as well, along with these items still in my inventory after update...
    Soul Coalescence
    Iron Fetter
    Monarch Bun
    Deer Pelt
    Helpful Faefolk
    Golden Aeon Dragon Scales
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  14. Additional pls:

    Katthras herb
    impure etymite
    gildless brandraven medallion
    red sickle
    yellow sickle
    green sickle
    blue sickle
    orange sickle
    purple sickle
    gold aeon dragon scale
    deer pelt
    baccha beetle
    tortoise shell fragment
    gobblyn heart
    ustrea's skypowder
    sealed dispatch
    eldritch ichor
    assassin spicepepper
    arxium chunk
    jati chief letter
    salamandrite ore
    dunnic ore
    solaureate ingot
    shattered dagger
    wooden barrel
    grappling iron
    writ of surrender
    vathri oak
    monarch bun
    werewolf fur
    moonstone havenrune
    ritual remnants
    cultist's cloak
    augural bouquet
    black cat rider belt
    gorta metalhawk feather
    tuarca berries
    offering to the fiannai
    scorched note
    raven feather quill
    brandraven sign
    iron fetter
  15. I'm sorry if there are duplicates from the original list, but since the original wasn't in alphabetical order it was very hard to look for every item, thus you get the list below:

    Topaz of tactics
    Emerald of entrenchment
    Ruby of rage
    Sapphire of secrecy
    Azure drops
    Tankard of dwarven ale
    Gildless brandraven medallion
    Impure etymite
    Black cat spikes
    Alighting documents
    Soul coalescence
    Iron fetter
    Brandraven sign
    Raven feather quill
    Scorched note
    Deer pelt
    Baccha beetle
    Gobblyn heart
    Ustrea's skypowder
    Eldritch ichor
    Assassin spicepepper
    Arxium chunk
    Jati chief letter
    Salamandrite ore
    Dunnic ore
    Solaureate ingot
    Shattered dagger
    Wooden barrel
    Grappling iron
    Sorcerous enhancer
    Writ of surrender
    Vathri oak
    Monarch bun
    Werewolf fur
    Moonstone havenrune
    Ritual remnants
    Cultist cloak
    Augural bouquet
    Black cat rider belt
    Gorta metalhawk feather
    Tuarca berries
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  16. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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  17. I like the new profile layout, but it seems my most recent items don't show on top like they used to but I have other ways finding them so its cool :)