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  1. Nice to finally hear from Devs. However still some major issues. Still not able to transmute any of the new legend equip dropping from current event. They simply don't appear in the Mage transmute page. Also not all transmutable equip can b traded??? Why?
    An alt has a load of chestplates I want to trade but when I try they don't appear in the trade screen??? Why????
    There seems to be way more bugs like this over last couple of months than previously. Guys you need to look at this asap
    Fix what's broke BEFORE you release new shhhhh ummm stuff
  2. While that is true and unfortunate it is not as easy and not nearly to the same extent as on PC. Especially during wars.
  3. Totally agree Sully. Game needs to get rid of all cheaters and while it's not fair on those playing fair on pc if it prevents, stops, or even just reduces significantly cheating I'd support closing the pc version all together
  4. Adonis, I like you. You're pretty sweet. But for the love of god, don't talk about getting rid of cheating, if your clan excels in it and you are a part of it.
    The only reason apoc and WDGAF ask for pc version to be closed down is because they already developed the "programs" to be used through phones.

    The only time that stripping was fair on this game was when server maintenance was going on. It was pretty awesome to be able to play the way the game is meant to be played after all these years, even if just for one day.  Best part was how the cheating clans don't even do roster checks and got caught completely off guard.  Not so invincible without.. 

    But anyway.... damn you for baiting me.

    I support getting rid of Kaw on PC, but only if we can switch accs on one device without getting banned from the device for months. Most of us would lose our alts and there's no way I'd buy more devices just for this game.
  5. Lol on the baiting...who me? 

    But seriously a little upset w the "I'm part of it comment" as I've never cheated in this game ever nor would I know how to, sorry big time noob here if u referring to any kinda script job/bot nonsense.

    All that aside bottom line is I actually agree. No way should pc players b disadvantaged or penalised if they want to move accounts from pc to mobile that's plain stupidity and we all know the Devs could sort that.
  6. No, I mean Sully. 

    I really hope they do. I find it a waste and unnecessary to not be able to have more than one account on one device.
  7. I agree with this completely. Devs please explain why we can't trade certain charms??
  8. I agree the best course of action for kaw is to get rid of computer use and enact the ability to quickly switch between 3-5 accounts on a device.

    Everyone wins. More accounts per player means more money spent on kaw, more allies in the ally market, overall increase in play time per person.
  9. This was my response to another thread about wars. I believe it's in the same vein and that PC KaW needs to be shut down eventually to make for some semblance of an even playing field.

    The rampant use of ally shields and other 3rd party alert systems is why I stopped OSW-ing. The whole thing seems pointless if one side can't be striped.
    It's being going on for years. ATA says they'll look into and it, if anything it has only gotten worse.

    They need to either shut down PC KaW or have some sort of detection system that penalises 3rd party use. They say they have bot detection filters but idk how that well that works when peeps have been using these apps without being caught.

  10. Hey check again and if there are still some equips that aren't Transmutable or Tradeable let me know which ones so I can take a look.
  11. This would of been a great idea... Too bad it isn't and I can't do anything now but what I was able to do before minus open my chests.  Wow thanks devs! 
  12. Told you Devs they are gonna trade for real money.. All over the net. Bad thing to implement. Many are creating alts getting items and passing to main.
  13. They don't care lol
  14. My Gifting Page is still saying that it’s awaiting gifting. What can I do to update this page? My app and IOS are all up to date

  15. Sad

    Very sad if the Devs dont care
  16. Doesn't work on ipad
  17. Maybe if trading was restricted to 100 charms a day or something that would really help some exploitation of people trading charms from 50 accounts all into 1 account when that one account is warring. SO you cant send or receive more than 100 things a day. Thats pretty fair right? 200? Idk, but something. Literally saw someone go to war with nothing then have 1100 things in showcase
  18. We need an interface that shows us the cs we have in charms for both troops and spies. When trading the items should be clickable so that we can see the cs being offered or it should tell us the combined cs of the items. Basic quality of life updates that would make things a lot more streamlined.
  19. True. Have to take their word for it that the CS is correct or go add it up