Introducing Trading!

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  1. 100th post! ️
  2. Trading is gr8 i get to be next to untouchable in war
  3. LB players never say nothing when new lands and new buildings come. They mostly the one want it sooner. Yet when they say an update like this which is good for all player. "OH NO THIS IS BAD FOR THE GAME I QUIT". Why should regular players have to follow what big spenders always want so they always get the advantage. This update can help more on clan loyalty and can show who you can really trust on your clan mate. Trading between friend is best way to strengthen clan loyalty. When o go for inactivity for few months I would rather lend my charms what ever those things that can be traded until I get back. Rather it's just doing nothing on my account.
  4. No support on trade another way to exploit system
  5. You are only covering what happens in you're little bubble between you and clan mates. Completely oblivious to the level of exploitation that is available to any large group of clans/alliance where they can make an unstrippable BFE super account that rivals top ally lb strength.

    Its not just LB claiming this update is garbage, its all sizes.
  6. He is just trolling ignore the scrub
  7. Will this be coming to PC or nah? guessing not as usual.
  8. The only way to fix this without rolling the update back is to make the trading charms revert to their original form and then make them untransmutable.
  9. Damnnnn trading went way out of hand faster than ATA's hand grabbing for money.
  10. Faust is not our fault you invest so much money and time into the game. We thank you for that so developers can improve the game like this update who favors regular players. Why you care anyway about this update? This update helps more close friends who can trade to each other. I think some in here still remember when new pots was updated in first time and add new strong pots. The LB players right away and forced devs to removed new pots. They did that because regular players have a chance to win an attack to them. Now this update comes first who against is is players like you who are LCBC and lb players. You against this update not because it harms the game but it helps more regular players which you guys can smash around indi wars with your glitch troops
  11. Your IQ is lower than Enigma . This update will make KaW way less profitable. We already have LBs in wc(PlunderMax) asking for eq for allies. Doesn't this seem odd? Bfe>gold in allies??? . Your a moron if you can see the cons outweigh the pros
  12. 
  13. Haha charms for allies. I have bitcoins,PayPal,nobs. Checkmate.
  14. Okay, I downloaded the update and tried it, Now I have to say something before I state my opinion. I've played this game for approximately 5 years, of that five years I have been clan owner for four years. As a noob clan we have done pretty well and per usual we found ourselves in conflict on several occasions. As these updates have rolled out since my joining this game it seems almost every one has gradually shredded clan adhesion! Now in order for our clan to survive and my members retain the ability to grow so they can stay competitive in whatever endeavor they strive for in game they have to go out of clan, for the sake of the clan they have to leave. Oxymoron? I understand devs need to make money but it seems to me they are inadvertently killing their own game. Clan adhesion and member retention and growth must come first. This game could potentially make the devs very wealthy and still provide game longevity but it has to change now. I for one will not spend another penny on this game, I will continue on with my shenanigans until the game either folds under or until the devs make a real attempt to create clan cohesion and member retention. My opinion of this update? It sux sweaty socks just as all updates since hte (which was supposed to be temporary) bring me clan cohesion and member retention or my shenanigans WILL escalate!
  15. Faust that's your comeback because you know this update will continue and you can continue crying to support. They give you generic answer and laugh all the way to the bank # Faust Kaw smartest player and crier
  16. Faust I give some incs with my other account so you have something to cry more about this game 
  17. You think devs spend time and money to this update for current gaming mechanics and economics? Devs have plans to make money months to come. Who cares lb make more fake gold you can't stop them. They have unlimited credit cards. They will be targeted on this update to spend more. Let them spend more to keep game going while normal players have options to be able to hit bigger opponents successfully rather than fail scouts like I did to you
  18. Shaddup putang, you're an idiot. Try being constructive once you dolt!
  19. As usual with anything important to the health of the game, everyone has an opinion except the devs.. Maybe bruce is looking for a clever gif before chiming in?
  20. Plot twist: Musang will be posting the gif