Introducing Trading!

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  1. I agree this is dumb. I have to trade with people to get their items to stay competitive in EE war. What is the point of buying seals, crystals, crux chests just to build bfa? This game is now a trading game. The top players will be the ones with Alts or people who are willing to sell their equipment for cash, gold, seal or circle drops.
  2. The big question is r the devs taking turns for shifts as the trading police?

    Eg the potential for 12+ EQ for 1 seems silly

    Or is that a silly question?

    I'll go with the latter 
  3. Another nail in the coffin instead of a brick in the building...wtg devs!!
  4. This is great idea. There will be new stuff that are rare and limited. That's where the devs make more money. Don't worry the big spender will get them first. They probably cost a lot more than 20 seals each. There will be free on them that rare drops from EB. If you the one get lucky enough to get it. You can sell it to lb players on your own mark up price via PayPal 
  5. This is unneeded, easily exploitable and in no way enhances gameplay. In fact, it has more potential to further denigrate the game.

    Nice job ATA

    *slow clap

  6. Devs don't make this update for free. They always have angle to make money. Stop your crying about BFA and BFE stuff. It will even out eventually. Never listen to someone that think only what's behind us. Devs think what's up ahead to make money
  7. My god.. Id call you stupid but i dont want to make stupid people suicidal.
  8. Support. Whatever you are smoking musang, I could do with some.
  9. If anyone's quitting kaw, can you trade me your stuff before you leave? Thnx bai
  10. The saddest part of all of this is the lack or comment from the Devs. When the new Devs were announced to the KaWmunity We were promised more contact and transparency not less. We were promised our feedback would be taken into account. I'm genuinely curious, who suggested a "trading" system? It took all of 5mins for the KaWmunity to notice, point out, explain and start exploiting this new update how the hell can the Devs not see it ahead of introducing it? The answer my friends is they must have. And by doing so and ignoring it they are going against everything they've told us before about how they care about us and our opinion. Whatever the reason behind it, it will result in less people warring and less spending as peeps get angry w the exploit. Can we get some kind or discussion going w one of the Devs plse? Come on guys let's hear from you. Your KaWmunity is angry, upset with you do the right thing and respond. Thanks. Icey
  11. Bro this new update is great for new players and low spenders. We will have a chance to work more together. LB players will be against this. It threaten their manipulation and domination of the game. This will bring more money for devs and get new players something to look forward. Never listen to LB players. They are not here to care about the game. They are here to protect their time and investment no matter what. They will not quit or stop spending just because devs are trying to balance the game between spenders and non spenders. All other games doing doing this also balancing spenders and non spenders. I'm glad Devs moving toward what other games are doing balancing the game
  12. What the hell are you saying. LB or not, this system makes EQUIPMENT more valuable than GOLD. So now the strongest players will emerge and cannot be weakened what so ever. No counterplay to someone with huge BFE from 100's if not 1000's of trades in their favor.

    The only pro for this update is you can give a new player equip to help hit EB that they will earn almost instantly on legends.

    Lastly this isn't balancing the game between spenders and non spenders. Its making it even more in favour of spenders. Do you think someone will give you a full set of equip to increase ur BFE for free??
  13. Yes non spenders that don't live on HTE clan 365 days a year hit 20 hours a day to keep their BFA high to domenate the game. This new update will help non spenders able to get strength from trading BFE and hit far stronger opponent. Clan mates can help each other to trade BFE to help on 1 vs 1 in PVP without spending crazy money to get BFA. I am happy to trade my equipment to my clan mate so he can actually win against LB players rather than watch him get bullied by lb player
  14. Before i met musang, i thought HB was stupid. Now, he seems like einstein..
  15. When you spend real cash on a game. You are meant to earn an advantage over players that do not spend. If this was not the case, kaw would not exist.

    Now you understand this simple business concept. The reality of this update is that LB players who you want to hit will probably be receiving a lot more equipment than you, since they spend. You will just be failing on them harder than ever
  16. Obviously thats not how it works. Its only dependant on if puff the magic dragon will grant you equipment or not. Dont be so stupid.
  17. Musang isn't dumb y'all just don't like what's he's saying, if you have a none biased opinion you'd see that what he's saying is quite smart. But you can't trade equip jus charms :?:
  18. Gezz every update you guys cry. Bunch of babies. If you don't like the game quit already. Let's see if you have the balls to quit. I don't care lb get more equipment. As long they will not start sending support a complain about this update. Normal player should not be complaint about this update. Just thanks the devs it's not new land or building All of you support this update and stop crying
  19. Heh its purely about math not words that r not backed up.
    All he need do is add substance to his opinion.
    Til he does it has no basis other than speculation in a vague attempt to make his case.
    When ppl can take a shortcut its to be questioned.
    Once questioned it gets the acid test by substantiating it with hard numerical facts.

    It has nada to do with ppl liking what he said but it does question his incomplete opinion.
    I suggest he counters Faust post on the math he posted.
    Popular opinion has no place on this release.
    Earlier he presumes this is a precursor to more from the devs.
    I ask him what? Merely a guess? Insider info?
  20. Anyone who thinks trading has merit in the game please post your points here. Would love to debate them :)