Introducing Trading!

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  1. Sounds easy to exploit.
    I don't support.
  2. Not bad! Good to see y'all working on new game play and features.

    Also, pretty sure ATA would have tested it for exploits. You can't trade resources, only equipment it would seem.

    Edit: @Mike/Faust, I'm still glad ATA is giving us something to do with the 100old older equipment we have. The showcase and transmutation was a good idea. It suddenly made all our older junk, relevant as showcase perm bonuses.
    Now trading? I've seen countless threads over the years asking for trading and more and now we have it.

    My only gripe would be with UI. As ATA is adding more elements onto an 8+ year old UI, the older framework elements don't match the new features.

    Case in point would be the Transmutation menu, on droid you have to swipe on a text box whilst in the mage to enter it.
    So instead of adding it to the marketplace as a button, the Devs embedded the link to transmutation on a text box in the mage.(So they don't have to redesign the older UI and the underlying framework) Which leads to a horrible UI design and it being ugly.
  3. Made feedback on how extremely exploitable this update is in the long run lol
  4. Is this for real "geez' i see the down fall already instead of osw ppl are gona farm for items and have more bfe that top 10 LB way to go ata the game is screwed up already nothing like a push to finish the job
  5. Gonna place the feedback I created here for all to see what is wrong with this update, also so no one takes credit for it :/

    This update of the ability to transfer the showcase items is just stupid,
    completely breaks the game as is. Let me show you how. Currently there is NO CAP on how many items you can transfer in total(12 per trade but any amount can be traded in total). I have personally tested and seen(Faust) trade 50 pieces of eq to a war alt and that alt gained just under 750 m static all around. Just under 1/4th of what i could possibly transfer on a single acc. The acc got ~2.5 B RAW BFE which translates to 50 m static. As we all know bfe and showcase don’t affect CR ranking in wars or otherwise. This makes it possible for an acc with over lets say 500 mcs static to be in the same bracket as a 100 mcs acc with no bfe or bfa. Doesn’t this seem broken to you?

    Next point is out of war, how this completely makes bfa irrelevant. If an acc can get 2.5 B raw which is around 250 T in bfa currently in just a few minutes imagine this on a much larger scale. A leader in an osw clan or any clan asks his clan mates to give their showcase to the largest acc. Lets say the clan has just over 70 members and every member has just over 1 B in raw in it. Those 70 ppl transfer it over and how the acc has 70 B raw static. Most likely being around ~alb top 30, TOP 30. Top 15 alb has around min what 10 Q in bfa?????? So does this bfa from clanmates(can be alts randoms you paid in seals family friends etc) = to that of top of the ally lb???

    Next part on how it can make a single acc stronger than an acc with over 75 Q in bfa. Ill use a straw man osw alliance with lets say 500 members across all its branches. Leader asks pass me your bfe and you pass it over. On average because 80% are active have 1.5 B static all around in showcase. Of the 500 only 400 are able to pass. so lets do now some simple math. 400x1.5=600. 600 B RAW in BFE. THATS MORE THAN ALB 1.

    And how finally why you should care(as the player/devs if you don’t care about game balance at all). this update makes training completely irrelevant. BFE is now worth more than gold gained in game via BFA. This makes lbs not want to spend as some no name tank at 50 mcs has more static than they do at alb top 50. Loss in profits. More and more lbs quit/not spend because if it. More loss profit. And finally because all the whales quit game dies. The end. If you care enough about profit at the very least as well as player happiness REVERSE THIS UPDATE COMPLETELY. Thx

  6. Well thought out Faust.

    Will the devs respond and back up why this release is needed and why or how it can work? Let the wagering begin...


    All of Fausts post will be lost on all the idiots who wanted a trade market with no clue of the ramifications. Let the EXPLOITS begin.
  7. I looked at it for 10 seconds and realised
    -This is simply favouring the elitists spending thousands
    -This will be abused
    -This update isnt thought through.
    Its you and the rest of the staff that never open your mind even a little bit, and instead just say "Wow good job devs"
  8. Rip posted from wrong account brb switching over
  9. @faust my bfe is close to 14b now it's 3700/3700/3400/3000 or 13.8b. In raw stats. That's from transferring, oh I mean "trading" SOME equipment from a bunch of alts. Still a bunch of stuff I can STILL "trade" over to boost that already ridiculous number to new heights. To give you a sense of how stupid 13.8b is my indi bracket is around 0-150 mcs at MAX and 13.8b in raw stats is well, 276mcs. That's real fair. What I would like to know is what did the devs want to get out of this system? Like I guess you can trade charms, but I bet half of kaw doesn't even know the name of half of the event equipment anymore. Can someone enlighten me on what benefits this has for the community as a whole? It just seems like an easy exploitable way to get unstrippable raw stats for little to no benefit to the community as a whole.

    Edit: forums bugging out it shows my main -hippy-the-eb-fairy- as the poster left a link on his wall to the super bfe account
  10. Like a few beads for Manhattan Island?

    Ppl can make poor trades intentionally regardless if fair or not?
  11. Yep! You can trade one of those super smol helms from origins that give 2.7k spy atk and def for 12 top tier charms if both sides agree to it
  12. I really like trading to be honest.
  13. Trading girlfriend for teir 1 items. Pm me on snap...jk lol
  14. I'll trade for your gf for a slightly used wife with low mileage & all maintenance receipts.
    House broken & distemper shots.
    Plays KaW and only needs fed nobs & ctals.
    Free delivery taxes included.
    Toss in for free a set of snow tires...
  15. Is this really going to be the update that makes me quit kaw? It’s hard to believe after all the new lands, bad moves, etc that this may finally be it.

    All the work I put into having a war build, building bfa and fighting Indy wars is all for nought. Now some doofus with 10 Alts can kick my ass by stacking his main.

    Seriously, this has been proposed 100 times in forums and the obvious potential for exploits has been pointed out every time. Good to see the devs ignored it.

    Great job guys! 
  16. Totally agree.
    This option is extremely exploitable, across all levels. No point spending $ to differentiate, just build alot of alts.
    With this feature, the way to go is via showcase bfe thru alts. the more alts you have the better, the mutiplication factor is exponential thru alts vs getting stronger via bfa or events.
  17. Will be sure to make more alts and exploit with this :lol:
  18. I agree this is totally exploitable and as others here have mentioned this will be final nail in coffin of kaw. Sad day when this update came out.
  19. It's part of the devs overall plan,get everyone to quit n switch over to Heckfire