Introducing Trading!

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  1. Trade market is stupid.

  2. The account "-CutieHippie-" has 12 B bfe now(edit: from what he posted in a gc). That's more than what I have at top 100 alb with ~11-14 B raw when I bank. So does everyone now see the problem?
  3. @Nighthawk. Exactly. Anyone. Someone your exact size who has greater charm sources will have an advantage over You and that isn't taken into account when matching takes place as BFE/Charms are ignored.

    Do you not see the problem??
  4. No

    In a world of eb events i care less n less
  5. I find it ironic how you post a lot of suggestions for war and here you are supporting a change that will destroy indi entirely lol
  6. Trade market is stupid.

  7. You'll go around in a big circle with nighthawk he will never admit he's wrong when he knows he is. Just leave him to it anyone with 1/10th of a brain knows this update will kill certain aspects of kaw.

    Maybe the devs want it that way.
  8. Any feedback from the devs lurking? I know some of you are on if you are responding to my feedback
  9. Trade market is stupid.

  10. Maybe Deva have something on their mind by introducing this. Its clear that I wars will be influenced. Let ATA Caster enlighten us.
  11. Only charms and "rewards" items can be traded. Rewards items are the items given for completing side legends. You can see your rewards items in your showcase by tapping the button in the upper right of your showcase until it reads "Rewards".
  12. Haha indi has been destroyed for a long time. This won't hurt anymore than one account winning a war. Hey, that already happens!
  13. So.... No trade cap, or anything to ensure any balance in these trades. Sounds legit, smh.
  14. The only good thing about this game for me was indy war. I haven’t war in two months so I guess even that is gone for me.
  15. Finally we can get rid of some stuff. Lol

  16. Seems like the most pointless and boring in game addition you guys have made....however, cool selfie at the top of the post though! 
  17. Suggested devs should allowed trading at marketplace where players can choosed items which players requied inorder to clear excessive stocks, tyvm
  18. cant really be exploited that hard tbh, just made an alt and tried it
  19. People are referring more to the people that have already got multiple established accounts with similar stats in their showcase to their mains. Allowing for (with 2 alts) 3x the amount of showcase stats than someone with no alts. Individual wars don't take into account the showcase stats, therefore people are up in arms about the lack of thought into how people with alts will have an unfair advantage in individual wars. So yes it can be exploited by those of long term alt users.