Introducing Trading!

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  1. I'm assuming that like legends, this is not a feature that will be available on PC?
  2. Stupid concept. Makes any acc even 1 day old enough to get max % in LL. Plus make any new acc overpowered in warring. Why I believe to balance this out any acc under 1 month old cannot trade+EQUIP IN SHOWCASE COUNTS TOWARDS CR PLACEMENT. There is no other way to balance this out. Without it warring anything below teir 2 is completely pointless.... pls think about it devs thx
  3. Let the extortion begin
  4. party in my dorm at war
  5. Considering it's only showcase items that can be traded, I doubt any 1 day old alt can really do anything against the guys that are already dominating that bracket, you know, the 10mcs guys with 4b+ BFE, no charms are gonna compare to that any time soon I think...
  6. You sir are sorely mistaken. When you stack 1 k charms from friends alts etc. it builds up quiet quickly . Why they need to regulate/nerf the showcase
  7. Trade market is stupid.

  8. "Trade". Another layer of KaW that actually I think I'll support. Monty python "haggle"
  9. I do iwar on alts. Wars in t1 are stupid. Only LL clans to face are HB and exi which we face like 1/3rd of the time.
    I care about LL more than I do than indi yes but main concern is in fact indi, the teirs below t1 which all the lbs :).
    Osw is only a slight concern. If I'm a hansel with 100 M adt. Nothing in showcase but 2 B Def in bfe vs another hansel with 1 TL 1 HF but they have 100 M static atk from charms and the same bfe guess I'm boned huh. Tho it's slightly less likely for osw accs it still slightly concerns them in my option(this case being a veri unlikely but very possible one. A system in which this is possible isn't a good one lol). Bfe has always allowed you to hit and win when you should fail, trading charms in this case allows you to hit anyone in your range and win with enough static in them. Once again going to indi. The main concern is that it isn't my hard work that makes it powerful but others.
  10. With as many downsides as this can and does have, do not forget it will initiate a lot of players to create alts or start using their alts again, which will increase the number of active accounts moving about.

    Furthermore, there is finally a way for winners of osws to destroy their opponents even more. Take their treasures.
  11. @Nighthawk, I dont think u will realize how broke this change will be till you see some midget who has mass collected charms from a few dozen accounts somehow win actions on you. lol

    If one stacks enough, it will begin to make BFA irrelevant. As you should know, BFE/Showcase doesnt count towards indi matchups, only Stats and BFA do.
  12. 
  13. Trade market is stupid.

  14. OK so this is only going to ruin individual wars further please for the love of god add all equipment stats into match making the same as allies. You'd have to be some top class idiots to release a update like this without first addressing the problems its going to cause.

    This isn't pimd we actually want good system wars here well I do anyway...
  15. Once an entire class passes charms to a single acc grow to your hit range have a static 600/600/600/600 to fb assn then fb atk u. If you don't see the problem with this you are an idiot
  16. Is it only showcase items u can trade? Or can u trade event items? o_O
  17. I say midget but, anyone can have this huge bonus. I dont think you will be so merry about it if LB's around you have huge sources of charm income to effectively increase static bonus for free.
  18. This is gonna be interesting...
  19. Did u read? Showcase only.