Introducing The Old Man of the Forest (Crushing)!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Gregory, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Ty this was much needed I am glad you are listening to us and this is proof thank
  2. Your gay, what are you going to do when another lb clan losses another one of these eb? Make the there defeat a win.... Again. Dumbass
  3. Did anyone get any compensation???
  4. No compensation here. 
  5. We did Old Man (Crushing) earlier and got the achievement for Fiendish. Might want to look into that
  6. Well she had good points.
    It's good that medium level tier was added.
    This IS the first event of its kind, so we have to learn it, as do the devs.
    The devs are tweaking the event now instead of later like they often do.
    I don't like Mei either but it doesn't look like she's sucking up.
  7. I haven't received my compensation
  8. Did crushing b2b on alts since it came out yet to see one claw drop. You owe some of us eq for lying to get us to spend. Its not possible to get from crushing.
  9. It's not like they said it was a big chance, why would you expect an easy, consistent drop?