Introducing The Old Man of the Forest (Crushing)!

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  1. Introducing the all new Crushing difficulty for The Old Man of the Forest Epic Battle!

    Requires 8 Seed of Samhain to start.

    Five times as difficult as Old Man of the Forest!

    Has a chance to drop Druidic Rootclaws!

    From now on, drop rates of collection items from Murderous and Diabolical difficulties have been increased. Players who completed Murderous will be compensated for the difference in event items tomorrow.
  2. Um so diabolical is now dead?
  3. Thank you lord
  4. This should have been the released day 1, not the stupid Diabolical level. Much more sense for medium size clans to do for event. Difference between old lvl1 and 2 was huge.
  5. Good to see an easier tier that more people can do!
    Since this event type is the first of it's kind it is a learning process. Good to see lots of changes during the event as opposed to waiting until the next round to make them.
  6. QUESTION: Does fiendish now drop the dagger too??
  7. Yeah that's what I see in the morning and the rest of the day it's still available for the first time in the refrigerator
  8. Is this eb tier going to be added to clan achievements? Since there's currently now 5 tiers, and the clan achievements/bonuses only lists 4?
  9. Thank you for listening to feedback and acting fast i like this event so far:)
  10. Boycott until we get charlie back
  11. Does the new t3 (old t2) drop dagger now?
  12. No seriously...
  13. This is a good start and fast turnover on necessary changes ata. The eb and chests are a money sink but in the end its a business and ata needs $$$. Overall, good job. FolKs complain that ebs are too ez and now, it's too hard. Nice to see different difficulty levels.
  14. See folks, this is why it's important to send feedback instead of just whining to other players. Stuff gets taken care of. Thanks guys!
  15. ^ I'm pretty sure the spenders whined.
  16. I'm pretty sure that it was more than just the spenders that complained.

    In fact, I can guarantee it.
  17. Most sucky up, mod wannabe mod thing I've ever read on KaW forums. Ugh
  18. But like is this gonna get an answer
  19. Only t4 and t5 drop daggers and claws, the first three tiers can drop only claws.
  20. Everyone assumes T5 is gone I mean might as well be :)