Introducing: The Fatesands

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  1. I tested it yesterday and got shards drops joining several EBs which were almost complete by doing a decent unload

  2. All free ebs
  3. Ah okay. Thanks.
  4. It’s a nice idea in concept but the end result of this kind of change would be a GREATER disparity in drops. You would have all the big accounts and big spenders load up in 3-4 clans and run b2b super fast ebs while the rest of kaw languished in long ebs. No system is perfect. As I see it, devs have done a pretty darn good job as it is. Crestplate drops are game changers.
  6. @Integration:

    I don't disagree with your point - however, these super clans already exist - the top 10 (or more) LB clans and the heavy duty NK weekend clans. My point is people are jumping around a helluva lot more in ALL clans including these ones. Why - because the random shard drops are worth as much gold would take a couple of days game play.

    I'm in Battlegrounds clan (Top 5 clan or better) and even there, people are jumping around now that have never jumped before. Why - because drops are random (I assume after a minimum activity level is reached) and you can get a a heap more jumping all day than staying in say Sucker Punch which would complete EBs in a very quick 2 hours or so.

    It is a game changer as you say. However, the randomness of drops accompanied by the fact that you can get the drops being in the clan for only the last 5 minutes is for me not sensible nor fair, especially given the huge value of the build token shards.

    Under this new model, there is no extra value (in fact less) for being loyal to a clan, and higher activity levels are in fact less important than clan hopping
  7. Great event pls rerun it! ty
  8. I disagree. Only getting drops if you were there at the start of the eb would only hurt growth for new players, small and mid sized players. The crestplates are meant for people to close the gap between LB players. If they implement this change it wouldn’t effect them at all and only growing players that don’t have an insane amount of gold saved up to upgrade the already ridiculously overpriced fateslands. By being allowed to clan hop it maximizes the amount of crestplates you might receive. Nobody wants to sit in a clan running goth/noth for 6 to 8 hours for 2 crestplates when they can just clan hop and spend less than a hour for the same amount. If you’re going to change the ruling to having people sit in clans for crestplates than they better make the drops guaranteed instead of random.
  9. I agree. At the end of the day it is a good way Devs have built in for smaller builds to get those drops and not spend money. It will never be 100% perfect. And as those first couple lands and buildings are completed we will see less hopping around cause the amount of building tokens goes up a fair amount.
  10. Also a big thing to help Reduce clan hopping for items to get into top 100 , would be to stop the insane amount of royal chests trading. Players could and do open 1000 chests to get into top 50
  11. Things that cost nobs and make ata money won't change. We need to find ways to make the game better without harming their wallets