Introducing: The Fatesands

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  1. Its part of the update did u update
  2. Are the drops for the fatesand shards random, so sometimes they don't drop?
  3. Are the artifacts that drop for shards based solely on eb completion or do you have a greater chance with more actions. If it’s the former you have given yet another large incentive for people to have less clan loyalty and go around hopping from clan to clan to get end bonuses.
  4. None of them worked and its now getting harder and taking longer to get on to the game and it keeps closing down
  5. Devs do you have any reply? It really seems as if you are wanting people to jump to get promo plus the plates. I have scrolled through eb histories and the distribution of artifacts seems well distributed so I would guess this an eb completion only that yields a chance for a drop.
  6. Any Kindle fire users having trouble opening the new lands
  7. Based on actions
  8. Killing the clan aspect.. really smart another well throughout update Winston 
  9. Thanks for the reply. I wonder if you would be open to a suggestion. If it’s based on actions perhaps you would consider a hit minimum in order for artifacts to drop. This could apply solely to the f2p Sverunganti series which are almost entire attack and assassinate. My suggestion would be for a 60 action minimum. This is a full unload with basic non-glitch buildings.
  10. Drops have been reduced
  11. Has anyone noticed a change in the HF glitch. When full troops the last attacks only use 25 of your soldiers, giving us more hits. However with new lands when full troops the last attacks don’t use 25 soldiers anymore. They use like 105 for a couple attacks, 60 for the next couple, and 35 for the last one. Has anyone noticed the same change?
  12. Only noticed the last hits with 25 are less then before. Normally 13, now6 I think.

  13. This is absolute nonsense
  15. So here's a simple idea that I think has merit as a tweak to Fatesands build shards dropping from selected EBs. Firstly, I think the idea is great as it lets players at reasonable stage of development catch up a "little" to LB players.

    The fact that they are a random drop from those EBs is good, based I hope in large part on EB activity. The negative is that it actually encourages even more clan hopping than before, where one decent unload in the last stages of the EB can be rewarded with be shards drop (via artifacts).

    My suggestion is that they only drop if you have been in the clan when the EB started. I hope this is not hard to code.

    If you join clan after the EB has started, you get the same drop but no shards.

    People already hop for the top 100 equipment and pets, so my suggestion provides a nice counterbalance to not hop and encourages a little more clan loyalty and stability.
  16. Support. I got over 80 crestplates in 6 days of clan hopping. Been back home for about 4 days and got 6 crestplates so far. The drops aren't action based, they are completely random and encourages hopping. This idea would fix clan loyalty to some extent.
  17. That's extremely discouraging to read lol. But also congrats to you on getting so many.
  18. Were the 80 crestplates from premium ebs or from the last tier of free ebs? Also are we getting the same amount of hits from the HF glitch or less?
  19. No it’s just rng. I got no drops for a week and suddenly 4 ebs b2b I got drops