Introducing: The Fatesands

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  1. Because you sir are a noob. Lol
  2. Sorry falco, I'll let you know when I ever cf. Now your my target. If I'm not mistaken you cf right....or am I wrong, I may not have been as active as you,but I don't have real money invested in a mobile game. Can you say the same? O how that big talk about making apocalypse cf and that they disrespect you and wog....yet you cf? Hmmm I haven't. How about you hit your ebs and go play nice with apocalypse.
  3. ^ shut up kid you ain’t relevant enough to even speak osw. 1 month old accounts out stat you.
  4. Correct you don’t have money invested which means you have nothing to lose. Please I’d love to play with you but this is currently my acct, so hit all you want
  5. So ATA should cater to a free-2-play player who is inactive most of the time, doesn't grow and uses OSW as an excuse? A good majority of the player base wanted new lands, the threads on the forums for the last year is testament to that.

    What should they do? Wait another 5 years because you don't grow or have the money to spend on this game?

    Even casual players have been asking for lands for the last year and more.
    We need a gold sink to offset ally inflation. Albeit temporarily, but it's better than nothing.

    New lands show ATA hasn't given up on this game, it also ties in well with the charm cap system and gives players an incentive to grow/spend.

    That's what ensures the game is kept alive.. The money it makes. Not entitled F2P leeches like you.

    What boggles the mind, is that you think you're entitled to ATA not launching lands to suit your free to play, casual and frankly inactive play style.
    OSW? OSW will go on. The players that can, will still OSW. They'll grow, they'll get more charms.
    New lands don't affect that.

    Your lack of growth and refusal to adapt to the changing game is what makes you irrelevant in any OSW you're in. You'll never do any damage or be a factor in the war simply because of your playstyle.

    If your rebuttal is a strawman, "omagerd Venom look at your builds you don't play the game anymore rawr omgerd im Dkod im the best".
    Do note the player complaining about the new lands and how they can't OSW because they can't spend money is you.. Not me. This is a response to your original post that's been quoted.
  6. The good thing is....


    Brad pitt
  7. Nobody in the game can instant BC..
  8. What's the max possible cs now?
  9. There are still a couple thousand that play and only "hundreds" that hit previous build complete, if you actually played and read forums you would see just as many people said no to new lands as people who asked for them.
    The argument you should have tried was the hundreds that hit previous bc are the ones keeping the game running. But your just an antagonistic nub so that would'nt have suited your purpose very well. ;)
  10. I don't even know what you're rambling on ahout Semzz, as usual, I feel dumber for reading the things you say.

    No new lands for 2 years.
    How long do you want them to wait for your F2P account to catch up? 5 years? 10 years?

    2 years is a lifetime for an app to go without new build progression updates.
  11. Increase plunder for lower tier EBs please.

    90% of KaW runs on either

    Other EBs get no love. 
  12. Like I said, I understand why they released them, I also called you out as an antagonistic moron and it seems I hit the nail right on the head. ;)
  13. Are the drops from those EBs random? I’ve heard that so far there hasn’t been any consistent max drops.
    Would be good to know this.
  14. I was told at the start of the new event in my news that I'd opened up the new land yet I can't find it. On Wednesday I restarted the game twice I even took it of my device a few times I did the same today and still no new lands I have 18 lands in Deepmines. Please help
  15. Update your app.

    If that doesn't work, clear cache, or full uninstall/reinstall will.
  16. Are the drops for the fatesand shards random, so sometimes they don't drop?
  17. I probably play this game 8 hours a day I appreciate that it takes time to grow and that there are legends and new furnishings and lands and items dropping from ebs these small tasks are what keeps me coming back this is my only account I have made 3 so far
  18. Guess you didn’t want to admit this fact on ur main acct lol
  19. Let us use Traders tokens to buy new lands or make it same rule for all build tokens. It’s unfair
  20. Support