Introducing: The Fatesands

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  1. Only costs 330 Q? Where is the 500Q at /s
  2. Ppl get different stats increase for same building
  3. "Go fourth and grow"
  4. Everyone asked for new lands and we got them so we should stop complaining. We are not entitled to new lands and it’s something we need to grow to, it’s meant to be as a gold sink from people holding large amounts of gold and inflating the market

  6. Funny I didn't ask for new lands. So osw is been killed off. Good job on kingdoms at ebs. Good job AtA.
  7. Lol, being inactive and warring naked isn’t an OSW, you have fun with that
  8. it might be nice to see the shards in your showcase. if you can only see the artifacts in your notifications it’s easy for it to get lost if you’re an admin and you get constant notifications from people joining.
  9. fixed
  10. Or see the formed fatesands crestplates on your profile with the says I have 2 but can’t locate them.
  11. The shards show up in the "Building Tokens" section
  12. Each player gets the same stats for the same building (at the same tier).
  13. Agreed. Truthfully it's better that it was large, rather than half the LB bcing instantly. BC should be difficult and a challenge, not a given. It isn't the be all and end all
  14. Thank you 
  16. I have to asume that some ppl lie about how much stat they get from a tier one building (cause kaw never had glitches before)
  17. And are smaller accounts supposed to get 80% less in item dropped from ebs just because new lands are out?and yes same eb and same amount of actions give 80% less items than they gave before new lands
  18. Yeah osw is buying a lb account and dumping 6q to strip a target that was never tracked. That's osw. Or maybe osw is to cf right after u lost all ur quads and a lb spot on that same bought account? A guy who cf'd to every osw clan on kaw is gonna give out some osw wisdom y'all :roll: