Introducing the Fan Creations Forum

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Welcome to the shiny new Fan Creations section of the forums.

    This is the perfect place for you to share any game related content you may create.

    Some examples of things to post here include:
    - Fan Art
    - Fan Sites
    - Comics
    - Memes
    - Game Videos

    We look forward to seeing what you create ^^

    Note: Please keep Fan Fiction in the Fan Fiction section of the forums
  2. Awesome, time to get creative
  3. @KC can we post manga images here?
    Or make a thread for manga episodes?
  4. Poem for KAW
    Kaw is the place i come to play.
    My troops grow stronger everyday.
    So off i go, to join my clan,
    For an epic battle in no man's land.
    And when we're done, we'll venture again.
    For a haunting escape, until the end.
  5. How do i get my creation from here bumped to active topics? I wish to receive more feedback

  6. i think the story bout the chaos and the rancor wars bout the vanished paladins and rancor the razor has become both boring and tedious. i have quite a plot in mind if u guys would adopt it.
    :idea: :!:
  7. It's too bad this sub-forum never gets attention.
  8. This had better not make its way into AC.
  9. K-kaw says the crow
    As it flies into the night
    With my hopes and dreams
  10. I'm going to make one on the wandering villager.
  11. Intresting can hit that annoying guy above me
  12. Great. More useless things.
  13. Great Idea (for ATA) anyone posting their personal content is subject to ATA owning your work. Furthermore, by posting in public forum you will lose, at least in the USA certain copyright protections and commercial publishing rights.

    So post away, but understand the rights you may be giving away by doing so.

     <---- Pirate Art no rights reserved
  14. How can ata own it when you only only put a link to another site
  15. Time to get
    //puts on sunglasses
    no really we gotta save him/her, our poor forumking is being held hostage
  16. ATA does not have an ownership clause in its TOU like most sites do. So ATA does not explicitly own your content, I misspoke relying in memory.

    But public publishing does effect future commercial publishing rights if you ever want to go pro or semi-pro.