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  1. Oh no someones crying saying they have better **** and they aren't being serious now when they're just getting ****** up. Yeah k den.

    All I'm saying is I will stop even being on this topic if you answer one question for me.

    Why did devs stop the buying of mithril? And go.
  2. Devs stopped so people did not abuse the ability to buy war equip without warring, now answer me this. What would a player do with mith equip bought with gold and no level? War for mith! Why would a lb player sell that equip? Profit for allies, pots, mith ect. Why would they sell there unwanted banner? To make fast gold! Why would they keep it with better ? And who would force them to sell in the first place? Completely voluntary action to give the kingdoms freedom of choice! Are you against the idea of free trade amongst players?
  3. I'll answer your question with another question for you. Why should I participate in promos when someone else can buy easily what I worked hard to get? And why is it that purchasing mithril equip now requires you to be in war? Why do devs release the equip purchases in the next season? Why were people who did war upset that players could get the war equip easily in the favor promo causing devs to lower both drops from the event?
  4. Why would I participate? To get better then what I have. Why would I war? To enchant what I bought. Why would it benifit a small guy yo buy over powered equip? Faster growth & more warring players. Why would I sell my unneeded promo equip? Because better stuff is coming out. Again are you really against the freedom to sell what you deem unnecessary?
  5. Its not freedom… its a decision that affects all of the kawmmunity. It will never be the choice of the player, only the choice of the developers.

    And the developers already said no for all the same reasons I told you.

    I'm not pulling this out of my ass, I'm telling you from experience of kaw mechanics as to why they would never approve.

    Please message and ask them why, they will further explain what I told you.
  6. If this market was introduced it would be in the players hands! I support warring, I support PvP! I support it all. With the huge gap in today's community better equip help people size up and meet warring standards. I believe it should be the players choice. Things start sliding down hill the devs will just take it away no harm no foul
  7. To your credit, I do enjoy inc every so often to break up the manotimey of the everyday PvE play style. Gives me a break from the same old same old ;)
  8. Do you not know how much rl cash my banner cost me? Thats what you also fail to realize. To get as many favors as I did (which was sadly just under top 100), and being #8 most of promo, I dropped 24xtals a day for two weeks. Thats 280$. That would 46 seals and not counting the 276 xtals because I always max xtal my seals.

    46 times an average of 110B an eb… thats 5.06T.

    So my 500 lb position banner should be equivalent to 5T to buy.

    And actually after looking at that number… I wish I never got the banner and just bought the seals and xtals.
  9. Are you saying if you had a better one you wouldn't like 5t? That was the point I was making. Set a fair price based off worth. Not "top 10 banner for 100bl". That's bs, make it sell for 5t someone will buy it and boom 5t in your pocket
  10. I have let this discussion/argument continue here because of great ideas and suggestions from both sides.

    But, this has taken a turn from helpful debate to spitefulness. This is the warning im giving you both, please stay on topic with constrictive criticism and debate and not turn this nasty or I will ask you to leave the thread.

    Please and thank you both ️
  11. Nobody will pay 5T for a banner. The only reason we spend so much at the time is because we're sucked into the event. Thats how devs make their cash. You're telling me with abyss lands being 500B for just a level 3 upgrade that someone will spend the 5T it cost us to obtain that banner?

    Thats laughable.
  12. Depends on if they wanted it or not, this wasn't designed to allow small alts to obtain equip easily. It was the thought if setting a fair amount minimum and maximum. As to who buys it is strictly up to them.
  13. Granted 5trl is excessive for just a banner yes, so say 1-3. 1trill minimum 3trill maximum. Its a sellers market, need fast gold for an upgrade? Maybe an ally? Set it to minimum price. Want more? Set it somewhere in the middle. You get a fair price they get a piece of equipment you no longer use or need
  15. Support, seen this in a lot of games and turns out to be quite useful.
  16. Ok, after being asked to show numbers of different data here are the findings.

    Please note that information was only recorded by those with a clear "Support" or clear "No Support". Unfortunately I did not have the time to generate context from long posts and so kept this simple.

    Supporters and Non-Supporters

    Total number of supports and non-supporters were 135, with a split of 10 Non-supporters to 125 Supporters of the Black Market.

    Build Types

    This was based on brief glance of the stats of the players, therefore may not be 100% accurate but will do for the purposes of this comparison.

    Of the 10 Non-Supporters, 8 were attack builds and 2 were hansels. This left 75 supporting attack builds, 38 supporting hansels and 12 hybrids.

    Years Playing

    Based on achievement badges of each player. Those who have yet to receive their 1 year anniversary badge were classed as 0 as they haven't been playing a year yet.

    The results, as numbers, are as follows...

    Event players

    This is the big category. This is based on equipment that was visible on the players profiles, chances are that if they participate in events then they are likely to be after equipment they can use and therefore display. However, this is an assumption.

    This shows that all 10 non-supporters have equipment from events, however, 102 supporters of the Black Market also have event equipment. The remaining 23 supporters had no event equipment displayed.


    The non-supporters of the Black Market are small in number but have generally been playing a few years. They have gathered event equipment which they have worked hard for and are of the opinion that the wider community should not have the chance to use the equipment they have gained.
    The supporters of the Black Market are numerous after all lengths of time of playing and most have event equipment in some form.
    The favoured build of this survey is also attack for both non-supporters and supporters, however there were 0 hybrids in the non-supporters camp.

    To conclude, the Black Market is a player-market. When it gets down to the detail, the players who collect the greatest equipment will be able to hold onto their achievements for as long as they wish. Whether that be until the next event or after 3 years. The idea of getting something for nothing is a non-argument due to the exchange of monies between players, however it needs to be clear that the items are worth a certain amount power value but also in sentimental value.

    I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions on this thread and I hope you find this data useful to continue your discussions.
  17. Great data and effort put in there. But still no support 

    Devs probably will never even consider this even if it were 100:1 ratio unfortunately. They want players to grind hard during events and try and earn their own equipment because they make so much more money than average when events are on.
  18. Players will still grind hard in events for the latest equipment. If a new sword was released with percentages double that of the abyssal blade then players will work their bums off to get that equipment. The Black Market really wouldn't affect event participation. Even those players who play the Black Market as a means for gold etc will still try in events because nobody would ever sell such a great piece of equipment as that sword. And if they do, the price would be ridonkalous
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