Introducing Showcase and Trade Filters and Sorting!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Caster, Dec 28, 2017.

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  2. When’s this update being released for iPhone
  3. It’s been submitted to apple just awaiting them to approve and release
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  5. I am having problems with this myself my iPhone 6 takes ages to long 2-3 minutes and my iPhone 8 is still taking 30-40 seconds that’s pretty long for what this game is it’s not like it’s loading a full 3D world.

  6. Why not just cut the bull and make the equip exactly worth what it says ...this fraction of total stats garbage makes this stuff exactly what it is...useless. This game is useless tbh ...what sorting junk is really going to keep players around ??? Gifting of equip from alt armies to mains is going to promote new players?....what a joke
  7. Should make a window showing the combined stats chosen to trade instead we have to get out a calculator or pencil n paper wtf I'm not gonna sit there a half hour adding stuff up to trade ( especially if in a war or taking care of hits farmers ect fix it plz oh and what about gifting you say its coming but have not seen it yet wtf devs don't talk about it do it ........
  8. It's March 2018, when's it gonna be approved for Apple.

    And don't don't say anything until you can give us a perfect time line to approval status
  9. should allowed equiptments
  10. Have you updated you device? This feature has been available for iOS for sometime now as I know cause it’s worked for mine for sometime now.
  11. Hi. Apologies for being off topic. I just wanna ask, is there a suggestion or request thread I could post something on? I wish the devs to add a higher tier for the event if possible. I already got 40k event items two days ago.. and once the 40k tier has been hit, things started to get boring. I'm not sure if it's just me.. but doing ebs after hitting 40k seems pointless. Please add a higher tier after 40k.. add like tier 60k, 80k and 100k to keep the fire burning. Thank you. Again, apologies for the off topic.. and if this post violated any forum rule, please guide me to where I can repost it. Thank you!