Introducing: SEERSTONES!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. I expected something better not this update
  2. Instead of this, how about working on or releasing the rest of the Sveruganti ebs 
  3. It's being worked on!
  4. i support this one
  5. support bc change is good
  6. I actually agree with bachkeda
  7. If only dropping from royal boxes it will cost nobs 
  8. So your not the office intern then?
  9. Is the internship paid at least?
  10. The lack of respect and humility on here is depressing. I for one applaud this, knowing very well, that other issues are more pressing, and recall this feature being requested multiple times, confirming that no input from the player base goes unnoticed.
  11. Indeed it will Cost nobs. I First asked myself if sir_german was sarcastic but i think he just didnt get it.

    You will be probably forced to Pay at least 10 nobs for this. Sounds expensive to me.

    Nice idea but another Pay to win mechanic After all so no Support!
  12. No support
    Pay to reduce eb start up time,should be a option thats for free.
    Said it before,soon they make us pay just for logging in.
  13. We are ready for the live launch today! Woohoo!

  14. lol I'm sure this will glitch like every thing else on this app ....go from 15 min wait to 30 min or someone :)
  15. No support, this is useless.
  16. Thats so dumb why would ppl worry about 15 mins geez thats regen time surly devs can find better things to do like fix the game and bring in new blood
  17. 
  18. I’m liking the idea and support the change that has been asked for for quite some time. I understand it’s a trial run, however I do not like the fact they will only be dropped from nob boxes. I hope that will change, but it just makes the game even more p2p than it already is and won’t help the non spending player base unless they’re in a clan with some potential spenders.

    My suggestion, remove worthless idols from all boxes, lower the drop rate and replace them with the new seerstones in both box types.
  19. Sweet :). Nice move dev. Like it