Introducing: KaW's Coffer

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  1. No gifting it's been a year in the making or come we can't get it yet ???
  2. Devs, mods could trade these boxes with their alts and thus keep these for their own benefit.
  3. I wish I helped anyone in this game so
    I can have those shiny trinkets
  4. I think it would have been sweet if the mod items were actually banners with no stats like the Halloween event ones. Like the charm things are cool but they get lost in your inventory. Harder to show them off
  5. can i just buy the coffer instead? it would be nice if there an options to buy and not beg for one.... :roll:
  6. And, I won the coffer! 
  7. Are we allowed to own multiple coffers?
  8. Oh that's nice so if it happens to a mod they instantly get banned but if it happens to another player nothing happens at all? Seems legit
  9. You can farm mods for other reasons, just like any other player. You cannot attempt to extort a coffer through that method however, just like how extorting seals, rl money, or furniture (etc.) from anyone will get you banned.
  10. A give away decided by the mods, so if you're in there pm you win and if not you don't. (Hint) If it seems like a scam, then it is
  11. Except the devs are monitoring us on how and who we give these coffers to. If we abuse them we get demodded and banned.
  12. Trying to make the mods not seem like total losers. Not gonna work. All mods are creeps that have pimd accounts!
  13. I never thought I'd get a chance at a coffer but I didn't knock it til I tried it and ended up with 2!

    It's not hard really and as a player returning after some time off I think coffers are good starting point to get mods and players more involved.
  14. So if you kiss a mods bum and suck up to them you get rewarded no support for this at all
  15. Try reading the thread.
  16.  do past deeds help
  17. Hard to find all Kaw's mods and they thread info about, i've send New Year greeting to mods whos has i found them from this subject...and hope some of them will gimme chest

    Happy New Year All
  18. Didn’t New Age do that whole “Robin Hood” thing because of this reason? I mean it makes sense to warn them or maybe ban for a day. But not for an extended period unless multiple offences. Right?
  19. List of current mods. Thread may be found in the Guides forum for future reference :)