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  1. Point & Case about mods abusing power. Devs give them a chance to do something positive for the community and what? Is that ego worth that much? Devs look for feedback & a easy solution was produced. Yet it was met by "Oh it's our choice & makes me want to block more people".

    Thank you mods, for those responses. They are proof this was a ridiculous idea & that abuse in power meets being bias in a very negative way.
  2. Exactly. Thank you.
  3. Also this. ^
  4. If you got blocked by mods then that's obviously your own fault.

  5. Exactly. Thank you!
  6. Ok, so if your blocked because of a prior offense. You are immediately disavantaged to this new system that we did not know was coming?

    That's bias & an abuse of power, very least mods can do is give everyone a second chance due to these new items in question.

    If you managed to screw up a second time & was blocked for reasonable cause. It's a fair & justified disadvantage that you've put on yourself.
  7. Exactly. Thank you.
  8. Of course all these points are specific to wc. Forums events will always be open to everyone.

    These boxes are for prizes at a mod’s discretion as a fun new way to get a reward for winning something. Correct, if you are blocked then you won’t be in the running for that mods event. But there are plenty of us around with many different competitions possibly running.

    I accept that it’s not ideal that you can’t enter every competition but that’s the system we have here in kaw. Mods are general players and if anybody is abusive towards them then they have every right to remove that negativity through normal player in-game channels. And to say that players should be forced to deal with those that hate them when they do not have to is unfair for volunteers.

    If you insulted and abused a soup kitchen employee and they banned you from going, just because they’ve now switched to handing out sandwiches as well doesn’t mean you get a reset to entry.
  9. I could care less about all of this till stats on the stuff in the boxes are released. Much ado about nothing if most of em have idol type stats.
  10. Also, wouldnt this be better given to the valiant knights? After all, they got VK for service to the kaw communtity, and they arent doing anything else.
  11. As moderators, you stand as the figure head of the community. Devs have granted you the power to do something great here.

    Choosing to omit players based around a past grudge or grievance is pride & ego at it's finest.

    As figure heads, it is not unreasonable to ask to be the bigger player here & show the community why you were given these powers on the first place.

    As I've argued with a unamed mod in pm very recently. This is giving a sentence with no set time of release. Give the players a chance & over step your pride or ego that is keeping them excluded as the entire point of this is to give something to the community.

    How can you say in good heart or complete fairness you are doing this by choosing to hold on to a past grudge & keep players omitted for crimes prior to this opportunity.
  12. For the record, I have a blank block list. But we are here to help uphold the ToU/RoC and silence those who break it for the benefit of the community.

    This does not come at no cost to our wellbeing. It is not to do with ego, it is to do with being normal humans.

    If someone insults us to the point where we feel we have no other choice then to block then we have every right to use that power that all players have.

    I see your plight, honestly I do. But I can’t see it changing because at the heart of it - we are just players trying our best to everyone’s benefit. And we don’t do that to be constantly abused by a small number of players.
  13. Choosing to omit someone from this based on a past greavence is pride at it's finest.

    Before a new circumstance was introduced, this wouldn't honestly be of any importance. However, just as circumstances change. A second chance to prove better or worse is warrented.

    As easy as it is to hit that unblock button, hitting block after a prior offense proves they did not deserve the second chance given is just as easy.

    As I stated before, the devs have given you the power to do something great here. Choosing to omit based on a prior offense after the circumstance has changed is pride.
  14. The stats on the items are just 100k on all 4 slots. The items are more about the visuals and being cool :)
  15. Unfortunately, after a good while of debate with a mod i'll leave nameless (Will say it was fun) & hours later after messaging support & getting a reply. Devs agree with the mods.

    Not to mention, Winston purposely skipping over the effort I've put into this one here in forums.

    I can unfortunately say, Devs will once again be of abosultely zero help to players outside their mod team yet again.

    *Forgot to add these last thoughts in.

    All this, is coming from a gray area of this topic. Personally I couldn't care less about these boxes nor does my internet allow me to post as fast as most in trivia situations.

    Secondly, the mod community as a whole. I don't personally have a issue with either. As I honestly don't believe any currently have me blocked.

    I've defended them more then once when people called unjust silince. As I've seen first hand just how much stupidity they were willing to deal with (personally tested).

    My problem was never with the mods as a community, rather with the broken concept the devs have introduced & have shut down as fast as possible. As stated, I've spoken to support & can say the devs back the mods in believing players do not deserve the second chance.

    Therefore, there's nothing left for me to say on this matter.

  16. Lol. I am a kaw psychic.
  17. Dear lord there’s a lot of mods give me a break please I’m quite sure there isn’t a player blocked by every mod so let’s give this a rest.

    WC is not the only way to retain a coffer for crying out loud and if people think that then they should get out of wc and play the game, do something constructive for the betterment of the community and see rewards come that way also.

    Let’s just not see if we can answer questions to get something let’s do more and really make the community thrive through positive adjustments within game cause only then the true rewards will show for everyone.
  18. If anyone gets the wabbsy charm  hit me up plz paying well for it 
  19. Why the hell are crux a mythical prize in these chests? I got a mythical crux. :lol:
  20. Why no gifting yet?