Introducing: KaW's Coffer

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  1. But it's a war game
  2. Yes but the whole point is that mods are only in possession of these items to hand out for certain reasons. Basically you need to forget that the mod has these in their showcase as they can't actually use them for their own benefit at all. It just skips the step of asking a developer to give it out. Trying to abuse the system can result in punishment from support
  3. If the moderators have the boxes, then its there problem so why need developers intervention? Just hit back
  4. To be clear, you can farm moderators. You just can't farm them for a box. IE - Attacking a moderator and demanding a box to not be attacked will not be allowed. Have a problem with a moderator or their clan? Farm away. Really want a box and think you can farm a mod into submission? Asking for trouble.
  5. Asking for trouble is part of a war game,if you gave selected people 1 seal for compensation, will we get banned for farming someone to get the seal?
  6. As Winston just said feel free to hit mods but as soon as any mention of wanting a coffer comes into it you're asking for trouble from the ATA team.

    Like I said earlier these items are purely on our accounts to cut out the lag of contacting a dev to do it and allows us freedom to hand them out as we see fit so long as they have met certain requirements. They are not ours to use for our own gain and ceasefire requirements fall under that exact reasoning. It's not a difficult concept
  7. Ok why do we have these boxes? As it’s been stated so we can reward players for being an awesome part of kingdoms at war, the developers, support, moderators want to try to make the game play more enjoyable then how it has been for awhile.

    This new thing the developers are trying to do is to encourage the community to join in on the fun.

    As I have stated the rules are simple, want a box then we will be giving questions out on wc, contests and wars for the top players committing into these wars.

    If a moderator abuses this feature, they will no longer be a moderator as our rules have been set for us.

    So have fun and enjoy :) we do have 30 each so there will be enough to go around for most of the players that join in.
  8. Completely apples and oranges stated with that, but sure bam would be in plausible I think. To get compensation for something is different than the chests given as rewards for helping the community.
  9. I just can't take this thread serious, no disrespect to the mods.
  10. If properly policed this can be good. No clue if the devs will follow through on punishment towards mods giving these out to friends. But that’s in execution and will be called out when it happens, possibly.

    Side question. Can we farm mods for having the boxes as long as we don’t farm them for the boxes. Just asking to clear up any and all gray spots because some of us like playing the line.

  11. Farm the mods if you want so long as it isn't because you want them to give you a box. As soon as that becomes the reason then you're asking for trouble
  12. I'm not looking to cause a fight rn lol didn't mean for all those mods to come out in force over some silly comment I made 
  13. Also, would it be acceptable if we farm a mod for giving someone a box that we don’t like or someone we are currently farming or in an OSW with? Like, Mod A gives play 1 a box. Player 2 is currently farming player 1 for every scrap of gold Player 1 gets and doesn’t like the fact that Player 1 got a box because that plate happened to write a forum post about how to tie a pink ribbon on the head of your angry cat, and Mod A has been trying to figure out how to do that for years without being mauled. So mod A gives out the box and suddenly, that helps Player 1. So Player 2 decides, screw this, and farms and strips, and sits on Mod A? Is that acceptable?


    Don’t be sorry. That’s why forums is sitting on the operation table, with a foot jerking and half convulsing as it slowly grasps on the cold embrace of death.

    Bring things up, ask questions. Siderail things just enough to bend the rules without breaking them to keep a topic alive and the banter and hypothetical conversation going. Engage and be unapologetic about it.

    Get some pep, start a war, run your mouth and keep it going. May get you farmed by 5 different clans, but most of them will get board and the others will just be happy to have the excuse. It’ll be fine.
  14. Just gotta make we have things right so people don’t think otherwise lol
  15. Why don't all mods have boxes?
  16. Farming a non mod for the item/coffer would be acceptable however as soon as mods are involved because of distribution of the boxes there is always potential for trouble. It's hard to say what is and isn't allowed 100% right now as it's a new system and things may change. Obviously changes would be within reason but that's the best answer I can give right now as I don't know the exact answer.
  17. @Rusted wasn't apologising just staying out of trouble for now I ain't got the allies or charms to fight anyone I'm weak rn lmao
  18. You’re not that weak. Now I’m weak. But this account was the last ally bomb to detonate and then I quit because stats got so out of hand that there became such a stupid gap in this game it made OSW and Strip farming a pain.

    Trillion mcs is dumb. Just, no reason for it at all. But I digress. Can’t change that. Devs stopped caring about osw and farming and wars back when HTE was released. Still, farming can happen.

    With that, play your game.

    Anyways. Farming Mods for giving a player you don’t like a box is still gray.

    Got yah. Hopefully I grow fast enough to go and play jumping jacks on that line and see what happens.
  19. Thanks. Whom do I contact to be helpful? :)
  20. Being helpful doesn't necessarily grant you a coffer. Each mod will distribute them within the rules but for varying reasons. Mods more involved in forums could give them out for great contribution in the forums for example. It's still early days and things will evolve over time.