Introducing: KaW's Coffer

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  1. Hi KaWmunity,

    I hope everyone is doing well. I'd like to introduce a new special item!

    KaW's Coffer

    KaW's Coffer

    • This item is a chest that contain super cool looking items OR premium items
    • They cost just 1,000 gold to open, and are given out to players via the moderators
    • The moderators can give these out to players who have been helpful in the community, can make contests in the forums to give them out, and have some freedom in potentially giving them out in other ways
    • Each moderator only has a limited supply of them

      What these chests are for:
      • Recognizing players who help the community
      • Creating fun events for the community

      What these chests are not for:
      • Moderators are not allowed to give these Crates out without cause (such as giving them to friends for no reason)
      • Moderators are not allowed to sell these chests for personal profit
      • Moderators cannot open chests given to them by the devs to keep items for themselves.
        ***Note - they will receive ONE item for themselves
        ***Note - they can also trade for items with other players via regular means (they can trade charms etc for boxes with other players)

    Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and moderators do have some discretion. However, if you feel they are being abused in any way, please don't hesitate to let us know. We have expressly told the moderators that abusing this system in any way will not be tolerated. We will be monitoring this new system to ensure fair play!

    I am aware that there is no gifting in KaW, so moderators can "give" players the item by trading it for an item of very low worth.

    A sample of some of the items!

  2. Sounds interesting! Looking forward to more community involvement in game and this could be a nice start.

    We’ll see how it pans out.
  3. That’s a great way to get everyone more involved with the KaWmunity. Great work :^)
  4. If they can’t sell them for profit why can they trade them
  5. I feel sorry for the poor IT engineer that had to write code for this
  6. Cool idea :D
    Do the quotes come directly from the mods ?
  7. It’s good to see kaw making new changes and introducing new things. However, this seems extremely broken to me. Would make more sense for DEV to hit WC once a day and give out chests them selves. Just one mans opinion.
  8. I am aware that there is no gifting in KaW, so moderators can "give" players the item by trading it for an item of very low worth.

    They can also trade *for* them with other players, if they happen to want to collect the different items. IE - Player A receives a mod crate from Mod B. Player A receives the item "Drgn's Wrath". Mod C happens to want that item, so they can trade with Player A for it.
  9. What if mods have it out for a specific player and that bias derails the opportunity for these chests to be given to a player? :(
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  10. We did. Im curious how they all turned out
  11. Winston being worked to the bone
  12. Lmaooo
  13. Can I have one of coffee mod ?
  14. Ah I see, ty for clearing that up
  15. Excited to see the the ass lickers of mods get rewarded
  16. If you're not deemed a helpful player to that mod then they have the right to not give the chest to you. If they run a competition and you're the winner then unless there is a good reason you should be entitled to it. Again it isn't a set rule book but as has been stated it you feel there is any abuse or discrimination then please contact support.
  17. Is one simply allowed to farm these mods for a box?...
  18. Our rules would be set as this.

    1: 1 box per user.
    EDIT this has been confirmed that players an obtain as many chests as they want by us, confirmed by Winston.

    Need to be confirmed as well with the developers.

    2: other players can trade these unique items to each other but for us we cannot, as stated we only get one that is sorted for us.

    3: players that ask moderators to hand them a box will
    Not receive one and will be blocked.

    4: we are looking for players that are helpful towards the community, are contest winners or top 3 players in a winning war (as we choose too) or questions being asked.

    5: this is confirmed, if you farm a moderator to get this box, there will be major consequences to that offending player.

    You would need to follow us to receive one of these boxes.

    Anyways to end this, have a merry Christmas and have a good new year guys!
  19. This has been confirmed, you farm a moderator for a box you will be banned as the developers will not Tolerate that, kinda like pressuring a moderator or black mailing them.