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  1. Thanks kaw for a useless sale...updated as said ...signed in as said ....bought nobs to make sure ....tried to buy sale go ...thanks that's cool
  2. Further, when I install a New app if I see daily sales offering discounts on the ability to grow I'm more likely to stick around for a bit. Especially when it's a cheap 5 dollar buy. I'm really failing to see what there is to complain about here.
  3. ANCIENNE???
  4. I do, because I did the research and would like the game to be around another 10 years.

    Yeah, should send in feedback terra for a turn off button. It's only around 30min anyway. Doesn't really ruin gameplay for me, but yeah can understand why free to play players may dislike.
  5. We've sorted out the problem for Android users and have submitted a fix so you'll be able to purchase your first Daily Sales beginning tomorrow/
  6. Chaos,not everyone shares the same view on this; I personally am annoyed by seeing it, and as a new player I would be turned off by having it shoved in my face even though I just started.

    Also, what research? Does modship give you access to the books? Or was there a shareholder meeting
  7. Game is slow... To scrol The enemy.. I hate this NEW Uodate devs.. Fix Your laggin and stop putting moré loading content
  8. What about Aussie users prices?? Going to reduce them?? Or make us pay twice as much as every other user??
  9. We set prices in US Dollars and Apple sets the prices in other countries based on this. We cannot change this. Beyond that we've set prices through Google Play to be consistent with iOS to ensure platform parity.
  10. Please refer to this thread bond.

  11. Why prices set in USD if based in Canada? And why are Canadian prices higher than US? Weak dollar isn't an excuse if u operate here.
  12. Kaw_com I hope you know you made a excellent choice calling it the "spragga pack" only reason I brought it can I have a spragga bobble head?
  13. See previous post.

    Apple dictates exchange rate prices, not ATA.
  14. I just want to send cold hard plastic cash for nobs in the mail
  15. For those complaining about app store purchases try using pc and PayPal. Pretty sure that's a cheaper option.
  16. Wow. My issue is with the in your face nature of the new spending options, not that you are coming up with new ways to ask us for money. I don't get the need to have battle cry cluttering my eb screen when not active. At this point we all know of the option. Only have to check cp once to see it exists. I don't like the 30 minute pressure window you give us with these new sales. I don't like that apparently monetizing bfe as a main source of revenue seems like a good direction to take the game to you. I've said before, numerous times, that i don't begrudge people spending on this game. Furthermore I'm glad they do. It helps sustain my favorite phone game. I just take issue with your tactics to encourage the spending. If you keep track you can see I've spent plenty on this game. As long as you continue to downplay the rewards from events with ever increasing rewards that either take a near impossible to invest amount of time, or as your pushing for harder and harder, a monetary contribution, I see no point in spending more.
    So to answer your question, ofc I'd rather pay sale than full price. But not untill your offerings are worth buying at all. Which at the moment they aren't imo.
  17. They change daily. Maybe today's sucks. Maybe every day sucks for a month. Maybe one day you'll be able to buy 5 seals, 12 Xtals, and 80 nobs for $5. I doubt they set each players everyday. The system has a range it can fall in. Some days you'll win. Some you'll lose. Up to you to decide what's worthwhile.

    Or spend at all. There's always the option to pass on great deals because you have some moral complication against companies making money. I mean really, ATA is one of the most fair, down to earth I've seen. Not all game developers have people to go on forums and have discussion and fun with players
  18. can there be an option to disable the popup?
  19. I think this down-to-earthness also has to do with the fact that they're so small
  20. Make the deals a bit better, or even add more pro packs.

    The idea of it is cool but like many others have stated, add stuff for deals on seals or horns. Get creative and extend the timers please, the 30 minutes is a bit rushed