Introducing Daily Sales

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  1. Patience. Good things come to those who wait. I believe that's ATA's motto. ;) :lol:
  2. I just get stupid small nob packs.... Some of my friends have gotten some really good $9.99, $19.99 and $99.99 packs that honestly I would buy. I cba to only buy a small amount of xstals and nobs
  3. Devs i Want this PromO!!! How can i Purchase it please!!!
  4. Wtf is this promo! Huge discounts wow.
  5. So many sales! Devs know when Apoc/Zaft war ends that seal buying will grind to a halt .OSW clans use them for strip funds .theres many clans in alliances involved in their own strop with others that do the same on a smaller scale..Apoc simply too big for any alliance..architects of your own downfall springs to mind one left to fight.
  6. really? ^
  7. Potential winrar
  8. Watch your mouth stupid
  9. Bumped to next page due to that asshat
  10. So where's the daily sale for kindle users?
  11. New starter player pack!

  12. Is this weapon enchant-able?
  13. Not too sure squishy, I will ask!
  14. That sword looks cool
  15. Is this really pay to win now?
  16. Also a. X5 Starter pack, 60 xstals,400 nobs
  17. This is a good idea from devs. New players spending money at the start should help with new player retention. Don't know why it took em so long to realise this.

    Now if we could just get them to invest in advertising.
  18. I'm just wanting a daily special that doesn't involve 7 xtals for $5 lol.