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  1. The problem with these ads, besides being annoying and obnoxious, is they are discouraging to new players. As terra said earlier. If you just download a new game and are bombarded to buy stuff, you will think there's no point in playing for free. You will be discouraged before you get a chance to get hooked in and start playing the game daily. It's only once you value the game you decide spending on it is appropriate. Kaw needs to focus on getting and retaining new players. That's how this game will last. Not by squeezing the few vets for more money. Player base already shrinking. I'd assume most of these daily deals that actually sell are coming from people that would already have allotted that money for nobs xtals whatever. That kaw is willing to try to pressure that sale now for less seems a bad sign of their liquidity. I hope I'm wrong. But these kind of moves make me think kaws end is coming sooner rather than later.
  2. New players? Kaw doesn't have new players because they dont advertise.
  3. Okay.
  4. This is seriously worst than a magazine. First all of these "daily ads". Second the stuff in the eb that you can buy everywhere. I thought I came back to something better than before... I was wrong 
  5. I pride myself on not complaining about things ATA does trying to improve the game or keep players engaged (i.e events and promos).

    However, the daily sales promo deserves a complaint.

    This morning I received a notification for 35 xtals - 75% more - than the usual 19.99 20 xtals package.

    As long as I have played the game the 19.99 xtal package is 32 xtals. 20 xtals plus a "bonus" 12 xtals, total 32. Packaging the 12 additional xtals as a "bonus" is merely a way of making a player think they're getting something extra or free with their purchase. I get that, advertising basics and purchaser psychology. Fact is, no one is getting anything free or extra. The 19.99 xtal pack is and has been 32 xtals for years.

    HOWEVER, be advised that those 12 "bonus" xtals are NOT included in the daily sales promo package. Nor is it made clear they ARE NOT included in the pop-up promo received (randomly) when you log in each day.

    Face facts ATA - the standard 19.99 xtal pack is 32 xtals and has been for years, regardless of the words "bonus" you toss in there. Saying that a player is getting 75% more for the same price is just misleading and false advertising. 35 is NOT 75% more than 32. It's not even 10% more than 32.

    Shame on you for not being perfectly clear that that this daily sale did NOT include the 12 "bonus" xtals the 19.99 package does and always has included! Shame on you.
  6. Leave it to ata to ruin a good idea by being shady. Shouldn't of given them the benefit of the doubt and expected better of them.
  7.  Could you post a no ad versión of The game , sell me that , But please no ads , Thx, I think you migh need to release The first versión of Kaw with LL only go All to Play
  8. look who cares press the x button and get on with the game not that big of deal , disclaimer i don't care how this thread ends up but whining like little kids will get you nowhere :lol: :lol:
  9. I don't like that if only shows in epic battle screen. It requires you to be in a clan and hitting eb.
  10. It doesn't. It shows when you open app. There's also an icon next to the rewards chest you can click to see the sale.
  11. Its only there for 30 minutes everyday if I'm right then it disappears that's not bad.
  12. If you press the home button from forums the icon doesn't load
  13. Awesome now I can spend money easier it was getting difficult to find out where to spend my money:) ty
  14. Awesome now I can spend money easier it was getting difficult to find out where to spend my money:) try
  15.  Devs tell Your management that their sales Idea Suck!! Remove The ads... You better start marketing The game outside The box
  16. The sale price is baed on the purchase value of if you purchased the items individually. Keep in mind that the various bundles in the store are also different sales, providing "bonus rewards" and as such should be treated as added value in their own way.
  17. Wow a one xstal bonus, I'm so amazed
  18. I vote no
  19. Better than nothing sugar
  20. That's used car salesman talk. It's great you're doing 'deals', but make them actual deals and also don't insult your customers intelligence in the process.