Introducing Clan Ads!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by ATABruce, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. It only took y'all 7 years of us asking. 
  2. This would be great if there were still wars to recruit for.
  3. Well as usual most folks r negative before giving this a chance. Try using a lil patience and see what comes of this. Its not important to judge everything so quickly. Lets see how it goes and revisit it when more time passes.

    I would like to add for the umpteenth time it would be nice if WC was turned off while we r spamming reko’s etc during wars and only cc could be seen. IMO ppl in war have no use to seeing wc cluttering cc. Thx
  4. Its copied from the PIMD game. The whole game is a copy of PIMD game.
  5. Seriously these are baaaaadd!!! Way too big and obnoxious. I can live with the idea but please make them smaller.
  6. Don’t worry. I appreciate your work, Bruce.

    I love you.

    Have a Waffle.

  7. I see nothing in WC. No one using this or what?

    I tap the clan ad and i get a player profile.
  8. This is pretty neat :D finally a feature that doesnt feel pay to win, maybe you guys care about is after all :shock:
  9. This doesnt work for me o.o why?
  10. The clan ads in WC are disturbingly large. They do not make for pleasant viewing. If they have to have the ‘scroll look’ (I’m not a ruined walls!) can they at least be resized?
  11. Youve been working on the gifting system for awhile now but it seems like its been pushed aside for other features other tha things that should be out by now
  12. Dont work for.Android - Samsung S8+ 
  13. LMAO Spaulding all up in the middle of all all that
  14. I'm not able to do the clan ads and my app is up to date
  15. Doesn’t work on iPhone X with latest KAW update. -.-