Introducing Castle Furnishing!

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  1. Shame on all who buy or even ‘ update with free furnishings’ stand firm kaw community... do not succumb to this!!!
  2. And why have debs not reacted to suggestions many moons ago to reward long term players by upgrading their castles... oh wait... they dont earn $ from doing that... and they don’t listen... how hard would it be to reward long term players with better castles?? Smh

  3. This is funny all these pages of questions and boos about this "new update" and you only respond to a question about upgrading it?? Lmao smh
    Grand job there sports lol.dumb $$$


  6. Cash grab much?
  7. Literally on it's death throes. They can't make money anymore from selling deals or other crap so they got third party sponsorship (doing the stupid nobility crap on OTHER apps) and now this ordeal of literally buying your stats.
  8. This game isn't on deaths for yet.. easily another 2 years unless the devs do something foolish. But yea the new player rate of players staying long enough to be well noticed is becoming less then player quitting so it's a matter of time. It could stabilize somewhere but I feel like there is only 1/5th of the peep in this game there use to be anyone remember the days it was hard to even read back in wc just a minute b4 that made talking to ppl in wc nuts?

  9. Yep. I Remember when WC would move so quickly you couldn't trace your own comment. Now i can see my post for 10mins or more
  10. Castle furnishings? If you lot worked for me I’d fire you.
    Please please make a gold one I have to pay for.
    Hey KaW! I got an idea! Can I join the team? Let’s have a fish pond then I buy food for them to eat plus a rare fish to buy!!
    No wait! I got it!
    A HAT that dances for cash
    No. No. Wait
    A fish in a hat! On a chair!
    Gold hat! Gold chair! With a monacle!
    In gold!
  11. You guys do realize you could pretty much always buy your stats with nobility?
  12. Has anyone given takuni' s horse a stroke today, it's looking lonely
  13. Is there a VIP room for sexy dancers half naked?
  14. This could have been a good kaw gold sink sigh
  15. Why don't we just make a 157% drop rate on furnishings for 25.6 hours? I'm sure that would satisfy the community. No more waiting for boxes, as we are doing now. Each hit on Dullahan should give one furnishing. That way I can get over this new update instantly. I'd prefer that over putting in effort.
  16. Support!
  17. The main reason for making charms tradeable was to make alts important. The devs know this game is trending down, so they figured a way to get existing players to log in on multiple accts. Keep those log in numbers high, even if its 25% of the players with 4 mostly pointless accounts.
  18. True
  19. I don’t support this update fully but for those of you crying like pricks, you don’t have to purchase furniture, it’s an option, just because maybe you can’t afford it or don’t want to purchase it doesn’t mean it’s killing KaW. Not many mainstream games without in app purchases.
  20. Still waiting comrade 