Introducing Castle Furnishing!

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  2. Are you kidding me??? The community has literally provided a list of things we WANT IMPROVED. How about wars??? Pvp??? Etc?
    This bs is what drives ppl away from the game. This new useless addition to the game does NOTHING. You can't ACTIVELY do anything except continue EBing oh and buy nobs of course. This has changed nothing but shown how greedy and useless you are.
    Maybe it's time u take a business 101 class on how to run .
    What a disappointment.
    What the hell do i need a god damn horse for????? Fix the stuff we WANT fixed. I'm sure if you actually started doing what we ask for, people would spend even more. Instead of this forced spending on useless bs no one cares about just to stay ahead on LB.
    Most businesses spend hundreds of thousands on market research/ business intelligence. And we provide it for you for free and you do the OPPOSITE. You are the definition of stupid.

    When you hire people, do you look for dumb, incompetent employees??
  3. This is discussing , ripping of the hole community . This is blatant greed extorting those that love the game and that spend . What a joke .
    Money hungry
  4. What happened to the roadmap you released long ago? Any updates on that????

    Meanwhile I‘m still waiting for my promised war 8 compensation and my tickets to support get closed w/o a reply. I feel so valued from you guys, I‘ll surely keep spending on this game...
  5. like the idea it's something different although would of preferred you looking into the issues that pretty much 99% of kaw has asked you to look at.

    one question though devs you do know it's not April don't you? because the cost for these items is probably one of the biggest jokes I've heard this year.

    even at half the cost you would be asking for to much. you really do need to change the way you advertise this game on Google play store and Apple app store this is NOT a free game
  6. This is a joke, how do you expect the new players, of which there already is little of, to stay on this game when on their profile they see something for 999 nobility and when they proceed to see what the costs are they realize its a ridiculous amount? And where did that notification in wc go when somebody new joined, maybe it's still around but because nobody is joining anymore its basically nonexistent. Honestly this game has seemingly become a money grab, was tempted to spend on Black Friday but now I don't know if it's worth it. Devs, fix the game, don't add new features that 1. Will have their own bugs and cause more work, and more importantly 2. None of the players want this, how about create things that the players want.

    This game is so far into the ground that the only way to fix it is to create a new server, keep this or whatever, but create a new server which is based on two things, 1. The players want, scrap what is impossible and implement things that we've asked for. Cancel all your plans right now, and make a server that isn't completely screwed, if you want a game that is going to consist of making you more money and bridging the gap for new players then that is the only way. 2, Fix everything that is broken in this application for the new server, it'll take time sure, but I'm willing to wait a year and a half to play this game and actually get benefits out of it. Nobody here wants a fake $100 horse.

    If you seriously can't handle this game kill it now or sell it, don't try to take the money off of us then kill then game.
  7. No Support.

    I was really hoping those little levels had something to do with some type of PVP improvement.. but nope, just a money grab

    Very disappointed

    Instead of trying to squeeze money out of the app you should look at improving the gameplay itself like everyone has said. You'll get more players and/or make people more active. Maybe then you'll get the money that you guys look like you are so desperate for.
  8. Okay it looks cool but I was really waiting on the bounty part to were you could hire a nother player to due a job but I guess you won't do that o well keep making players mad
  9. What a load of bs from the devs this time!! Spoiling kaw
  10. I love you.
  11. I call bs that many people will get these for free, has anyone ever got a fortune box??
  12. Watch this space black friday promo- 50% off 

    Still wouldnt pay for that crap
  13. Even if this  was's still so lame I just can't adequately express how dumb it is. It just adds clutter to an already over cluttered profile screen and doesn't mesh at all well with the game overall.

    Yes devs hate pvp....yes this is another attempt to try and quash pvp. Probably won't be as successful killing pvp as events are but it's a nice try. Devs hate pvp because they see players rage quit and don't like losing those customers.

    A large percentage of the player base hates this because they do want more pvp, not less. So I ask ATA this...has more revenue been lost from pvp rage quit or game change rage quit? I think it has been more of the latter and by a lot. But devs are too dumb to realize it.

    Could devs at least move it out of the way to a secret hiding spot in the mage or something? Just having to look at it in profile pisses me off.
  14. An intelligent person from resilience besides ash?! Miracles do exist!
    Jokes aside, agreed.
  15. Literally a useless update , the charm/ trading interface could’ve been improved along with so many other things that been asked for in forums hundreds of times yet u add this 
  16. Soft furnishings and scatter cushions,
    This is Sparta!! No no my bad
    This is ikea!!!!
  17. @Demon - I am Ash. 
  18. ^Congratulations?
  19. Who knew it only took the broken spirits of an entire player base and the loss of any hope for improvement to bring us all together.
  20. Bruce, I hope the team takes something from the collective angst on this thread towards furnishing. Was it really needed? Nope. Uncalled for feature that shouldn't have been a priority.

    There's a myriad of issues that needs to be fixed and prioritised to ensure your player base doesn't quit out of frustration.

    1. The Lowland war system needs an update. Ever since war rewards have been taken out participation has died down. There's barely one serious clan doing LL these days. The rest are FFA clans that exploit the free 300 items for doing 60 actions. The war system is essentially dead. I cannot highlight enough how important a decent war system is. You're losing an entire chunk of the community that likes system wars.

    2. PvP? Players have been asking for better incentives to PvP for ages. This is a war game after all.

    3. Trading: The current UI/UX is horrendous. It takes me a long time to scroll through 500 charms to find a single charm to trade. It needs some sort of search feature and an UI update.

    4. Showcases: The point behind a showcase is to display your best charms. It baffles me why there is no auto sorting filter for your charms or a manual drag'n drop sort feature.

    The list goes on. There's a ton of areas that need your attention before you release something like furnishings.

    We already have P2P epic battles, boxes that require money to open and an absurd cost to build complete. Asking the team to focus on areas that improve the user experience and make for a war game, shouldn't be too much.

    Your player base would be so much more happier and responsive when it comes to spending, if you were to focus on the issues that plague KaW and implement the fixes we've been asking for since a long time, than releasing something random like furnishings.

    Just my two cents. ️