Introducing Castle Furnishing!

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  1. The nob cost for furnishings is ridiculous. 999 for a horse That horse better eat, run, poop amd clean its poop before I spend that kind of money. How about devs just turns us upside down and shake every dime from our pockets. Geesh
  2. Prices are like .... can you explain the 3 rooms
  3. Wow. Let's just turn it into pimd and ask for rp in WC all the time...yea, seems about right
  4. Implying wc isn't rp 100% of the time that it isnt ads
  5. Please tell me this is a joke.
  6. Every single criticism in this thread is valid , Devs are you serious ? Stop ruining the game , it’s used to be fun before your greed has caused an insane amount of inflation with stats that has wrecked the ally market , and so on , unbelievably sad what this has become !!
  7. I actually laughed that we have gifting coming soon, and now we can decorate our rooms! Yay for PiMD!
  8. We're not done with Trading! I agree that the item management on the Trade screen needs more work.

    All of the Furnishings in the Store are Nobility purchases so I can see why it comes off this way, but the vast majority of players will get their Furnishings from daily boxes that can be opened with Gold. With new Furnishings being released alongside every event, the supply in the system will increase substantially, making it easier to acquire via Trading. If you see something in the Store worthy of your Nobs that's cool too, but purchasing is absolutely not necessary. It will just take a bit of time for the feature to come into its own.

    I wish we could release stuff for unreleased features, but that is a time paradox I have yet to overcome. I can assure you that everything you've earned from previous boxes is still useful though. Stats are stats, man.

    Look grizzy I know we have our differences, but credit where credit is due... kimd is good ****.

    Like I said above, if the price tags don't seem worth it to you that's ok. You'll earn Furnishings from boxes at reasonable rates and will be able to Trade for more if you want once more get out in the wild.

    Not much to it other than they represent 3 locations in your Castle: The Throne Room, the Workshop, and the Beast Chamber.

    Would like to hear your feedback on why you think the ally market is wrecked. The ally market hasn't been fluid for a long time. With the introduction of Charms, Trade, and now Furnishings, everyone has the ability to supplement their building stats through activity. Seems reasonable to me.
  9. ATA you know this is a war game? not a fkkn carnival!! u absolute tossers! if u had a clan big enough I would farm the shît outta u all - 499 nob for a throne! 999 for a gay horse in a dungeon u sick pervs... just WOW this is a new low this game used to be serious hard core no sleep screw the world and watch em bleed fun!! now it’s a gay pride carnival an I ain’t homophobic just a fact - this isn’t KaW - Ajax
  10. A very very bad joke. Not impressed.
  11. Devs padding their pre Christmas paychecks
  12. It’s more and more pay to play and you know it , be honest for once ! ! It’s like buying a new pair of shoes or a new tool that your really happy with, ya better get five of each right away because they’re going to get rid of it or cheapen it up before ya know it .
  13. This is beyond stupid
  14. This looks gay. Js.
  15. How many hundred dollar bills does it take to polish a turd
  16. So charms and furnishings essentially allow spenders to grow bigger while unable to be stripped,thus decreasing pup in a war game. the cost of furnishings is "irrelevant" because they can be found in daily chest, we all know this is a joke because now you have people paying 10ec a premium chest to try find the right equipment or unbox multiple furnishings while maintaining the profits from seals and circles for chests, hunt charms and eq. In conclusion your money hungry game destroyers with no respect for what kaw once was.

    P.s Not mad just very disappointed
  17. Great job, ATA! Another carefully planned, flawless update that everyone asked for! I'm going to give you all my money now..
  18. 2681 noobs for the full set
  19. For like 200mil cs lol ridiculous.
  20. If this isnt the most blatant money grab, then the pope isnt catholic