Introducing Castle Furnishing!

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  1. Are we being punked?
  2. More garbage. I remember season wars and balancing plunder was on your to do list. Not a beast. iality barn. Sick sick sick devs. How many users are active? I remember last month there were 8 clans warring in indi wars now you can’t even fill 2 clans.
  3. Whoever you guys are talking to about game updates for the game, please ditch them ASAP. This right after charms being introduced is completely unnecessary.
  4. "We having been working very hard on this" copying Pimd, taking away the essence of the game... at least be original when ruining the game
  5. Ah, the final step. No longer spend money for xstals and seals to use them and get bigger stats faster. Now we're jumping right to the "spend money and get stats" phase. No work required, not even tapping the eb. Now you can literally buy a bigger account with no steps in between.

    I've always dismissed the "this game is dying" threads but this sure seems like a last ditch effort to make some bucks. There are soooooooo many important things about the game that have needed attention for multiple years and this is what you come up with?

    Sorry guys, already stopped spending, sure looks like it's time to stop playing.
  6. wtf. as a non forum person
  7. When do we get a new level for the castle?
  8. It's the bit about 'working hard' in the OP that is the funniest thing about this.

    Working hard in RL maybe. Even if I earned 1m dollars a day I would have to seriously question myself if I dropped 500 nobs on a bone chair.
  9. How about a better trade interface? No one wants to scroll through 500 charms to find a specific charm. Honestly, work on a better implementation of trading before jumping onto the next update.

    As someone who trades daily, it's clear some of the fixes it needs, I wonder if the devs actual play their own game. Sigh.

    Oh and brilliant entirely P2P update. Might as well start charging us to login at this point. It takes an absurd cost to BC already.

    So aside from spending to BC, which is a crazy amount and a lot of tapping. You have furnishings to pay for now and the usual EBs you have to pay for to hit.

    I wonded if ATA realises that they don't have enough players to raise the pay wall without significantly impacting the player base. What's next? Pay to send a message to someone?
  10. Next we will be watering and plowing fields like FarmVille
  11. What a joke. RIP KaW
  12. My thoughts exactly....
  13. So all this time you had this update in place and you have been giving us stuff from boxes that we can't use to furnish!

    Geez at least put a table in the room where I can place my stupid meat pie :/ Or maybe a mantle to hang my stupid useless trout :(

    I just don't get it!!

    (Insert idiotic rebuttals below)
  15. You make more money milking cows instead of butchering them. That is unless the farm will be closing soon. The majority of this player base is lower middle class or below. I’m starting to think e1 in Canada is filthy rich or something.
  16. Caster upgrade from that silly android, mate
  18. Yo I need a rug, bed and picture for my dorm help me out people of kimd.
  19. So when you gonna call it what it is? Pimd 2.0... If we wanna play pimd well play that. We play kaw to play kaw..
  20. RIP KaW, I'm a player that just returned to KaW and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving this game today for good.