Introducing Castle Furnishing!

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  1. Anyone else unable to unequip furnishings? I've tried and tried but unable to!!!
  2. Please, need help to unequip to allow me to trade!!!

  3. 100% SUPPORT to new furnishings feature, it's fabulous. Thank you devs 
  4. Thank you for yet another new update, Developers!

    I won't say I support this update, but I can say I pretty much enjoyed it! But I can tell you for sure, I feel motivated to come back to this game!

    On my first day of this new Legends Event I got a Gelid Throne worth 499 Nobility Points just for spending 1,000 gold to open one Aolan's Chest!

    I feel slightly, and static-ly more stronger now!
  5. Need some help. When I tap on furnishing kaw stopped and restart again. Any advice will be appreciated
  6. some of us live on fixst in comes and cant aford 50 or 100 for a horsep00 i love the game but you r makeing harder for us should be a way u can make it ezer like we have to get so much gold or nobilty or something u guys r not stupid
  7. I want. Bathroom and kitchen added plz.
    Thank you.
  8. The chest drop rates suck, i have never gotten a pet from a chest and ive Opened thousands of chests1
  9. Agreed, But you've got a crapload of aqua/inferno now