introducin the new eb “salty the goat:invictus”

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by saltyfeet, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. My 'booby traps' eb was much more fun than your one !
  2. Was.

    If it was, then y u here? To kil ma thunder uh? U kent estand bin eclipsed can u?

    And don b ridiculus. U bombed reel bad with ur lame eb. Ur target odience was nerds an dorks. A copol of them aplauded so u cold it a sucess.
  3. Me being eclipsed out by you ? Dont talk dumb . If i felt like you was any threat to me .it would take no effort at all from me to whip everyone into a frenzy and get people over in my court . You actually copyed The_Gladiator's idea and wrote this eb thread after they wrote a thread asking support for a new eb.Then you wrote this thread.
  4. Im the hand of god the dark messiah the vengeful one. Your grammar is still horrible salty. Go back to elementary school
  5. Saltyfeet can write normally & properly and spell perfect.This is one of his old threads where he writes with no mistakes so it's just a act . viewtopic.php?f=8&t=172228
  6. Of curse i can rite ok. I got a mba. Thing is only u esquares care about gramar in a tap tap game.
  7. Bahahaha GET THEM! The more the merrier. U shud no buy now that i enjooooooy unruli crows. An nah, i didnt copy . U saw gladiator conplain about it in wc an u jomp on the banwagon. Ur estyle. My content is unique as ull neber b. Bin an atention seeker is not unique btw.
  8. U talkin to me??
  9. I wouldn't call autistic fits unique.
  10. It literaly ses roni rite ther
  11. Lmao

    Has anyone tried this eb and started fighting salty yet?
  12. my frickin god, give this guy a mod role already. good job.