introducin the new eb “salty the goat:invictus”

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  1. A misterius fog enbelopes the big city. U wake up in midol of the nite and realizes ol females aged 18-35 habe banished without a trace.

    Not eben DRGN, who is on 24/7, notices these. The anguish. The desperation. The anxiety.

    Of course miss dayna an glo r gone.

    the gold is olso gon.

    Pikol rick an chuby chaser cry cuz ther precius gold is gone and others like 420supercrazy420 didnt habe anything to begin with.


    It olso esmell like pricy cologne...

    Police (mods) decide to inbestigate.

    It ol lids to the lo lans. To the castle.

    Dave’s legs r shakin as he aproaches the castle. He nos the goat libes he nos saltys got a short temper.

    Thrawn is habin second thoghts but the central gobernment (devs) r pushin him to do something about it.

    They nock on the door and...

    There he is.

    The one an only Saltyfeet.

    Ol the mising ladyes r there too. An the gold.

    It turns out the ladyes were there by ther own will. The gold. The gold salty estole from random chumps as established by law.

    The police don like saltys got ol the chicks an threaten him with arrest...

    Its on.

    Phase 1

    Use item mind escream to compensate for ur lack of arguments aganst saltys supirior critical thinkin

    Phase 2

    Tok about how trump is grate an estuff. The goal is to distract salty for the nex phase

    Phase 4

    Try to atack an asasinate salty when hes not lookin. Youll get 1 or 2 good punches in before he ritaliates.

    Phase 5

    Pin urself on quest asap. Saltys life points jost regenerated 100 percent

    Phase 6

    This phase is the longes an it consist of u playin ded for 3-4 days.

    Phase 7
    Final phase.
    Use new item “noob tirs” on ferst bar
    Use cf on saltys wol on secon bar.

    This eb drops ur estats at regular interbals.
  2. I won’t do this eb unless it drops seals.
  4. This sounds like 3-4 days of sko and always incomplete eb 7 phases
  5. Hence the name invictus
  6. Lacks dudes, no support.
  7. U can get ol the duds in thongs u wan in ur thred or in ur natural habitat pimd.
  8. oh my god
  9. Please devs, implement this.
  10. So.... April fool's day temp eb is what I'm hearing here. I'd give it a shot though, if we go an exclusive 0 stat charm/eq from it.
  11. Wth this was worth sacrificing those brain cells for sure, tbh saltea fit is just a poopet, Miss Dayna pulling the strings to hoar more furniture
  12. Well that's time I'll never get back by reading this.
  15. Your missing phase 3
  16. That’s what he wants you to think
  17. Add in special eq drop that at random intervals it skips levels, and at another it drops to a negative stat that drains all your eq and charm power to 0 and sells all your buildings.
    That'll make em Salty af!!!