Introduce Yourself (150+ Profiles)

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    Kinky, welcome to the thread :lol:
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    Hello my name is Oli_MaCHiNE-Bear, formerly known as oliverk, and OliBear. I joined kaw august 2010. I've been in osw be it personal, clan based, or alliance based, for most of my kawreer. I thoroughly enjoy the trash talk and those that actually hit back. I also enjoy helping those that ask for it. So if anyone has any questions feel free to ask

    Oh and I love cheesecake.
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    Delta my old CoS bretheren.
    You are indeed Delta and no one can take that away from you :cry:
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    Good enough 5 me ;)
    Adding Wolfie69 to the list.
    Feel free to change your post lol.
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    Welcome to the list.
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    I like cheese
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    I hope you don't too.
    Need any help finding you way around forums, message me :)
    Welcome to Forums and most importantly, the List.
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    Hello, people call me ILP, or Paige. I've typed my story before and am too lazy to type it again. To put a long story short, I've have a lot of name changes, I've been "farmed" a lot by people and clans, including by the infamous T4HA years ago for like 3 days(wall post somewhere down my wall for proof). And I like to forum a lot, not as much these days though.
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    ABOUT TIME YOU POSTED fndjdndjdb
    LHL 4 lyf, homes :lol:
    Purpose is always important
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    Oooooo naughty boy, especially when no one mentioned your name.

    I'll let it slide just this once since you're nothing to me ;)
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    I know your pain.
    We need an aa for hte sufferrers.
    IT'S A REAL ADDICTION, DAMN IT as well as a congrats on being the only other "S" Player on thid this thread right now.
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    How true, a new generation coming soon and we KaW players who stay have got to figure out where we belong it in.
    Seeing a lengthy post after 15 short, troll intros is refreshing.
    Hope to see more forumers like you around :)
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    Hi I'm Dafydd, I like long walks on the beach love to read books and and like to think I've a sparking personality 
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    It's obvious you assumed deadly was you.
    Vain though, smh.

    I didn't copy the entire thread.
    I copied the idea but made it into my own.
    Plagerising is taking someone else's work and saying that it's yours.
    I stated the thread originated in another forum.

    You're basing your opinion of me on one argument we had yesterday.

    Should I judge your introduction?
    Fake as hell but what grounds can I judge?
    The two gifs you posted yesterday...
    The waterboy one where you reply to my post with a punch in the face and the other with squidward shaking his ass im who's face? Mine

    You're just a carbon copy of every other lame ass forumer ever.

    I'm not allowed to judge, I'd ask you to leave but I want to hear your response.

    Also you dare make aa sexualised comment about roni and I and I will personally kick you off this thread ;)

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    It's cool, foruming is for nerds anyway :ugeek:
    First H player, btw.
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    Yes, Twinkie is my real nickname.It was given to me by my motorcycle club. The ladies love it so ive kept it.

    What you hope to do in Forums/in-game:
    Meet chicks

    Likes and Dislikes: Hot chicks/Ugly chicks

    What you have that makes you different: I have a six inch tongue.

    Hit me up ladies.
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    Books, huh?
    Books are pretty chill, I've noticed the sparkling personality :lol:
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    Uh the template was for new players/forumers.
    But meh, welcome regardless.
    Now onto contestant no.205
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    **UPDATE NOTES** V1.0.6
    *Added Keezer to the Forumer List
    *Added -DeadlySpankingAngel- to the Forumer List
    *Added __JUGGERNAUT__ to the Forumer List
    *Added Delta to the Forumer List
    *Added Wolfie69 to the Forumer List
    *Added -Grizzy- to the Forumer List
    *Added KingGodless to the Forumer List
    *Added Clumpweight to the Forumer List
    *Added Sethosaurus_ to the Forumer List
    *Added Cannabis to the Forumer List
    *Added Oli_MaCHiNE-Bear to the Forumer List
    *Added -GodKing- to the Forumer List
    *Added HiT__ILovePaige__HiT to the Forumer List
    *Added Dafydd69 to the Forumer List
    *Added BuTtNaKeD_-MaGiC-_TwlnKy to the Forumer List
    *Shoutout to Cannabis for his help

    I'm glad to announce that we've reached over 25 Profiles and still growing.
    If I've missed your introduction... Please post here on this thread or wall/pm me and I'll try and get back to you.

    Thanks for your continued support and I hope you stay invested as the thread updates :)