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    Hello forums, I'm Snoopy, I've become more of a known forumer in the last 6 months, but I've been around for a few years.

    In kaw I generally have a more positive styled approach to forums, and do try to help players whenever possible or necessary. I do like to have fun in forums as well, and will try and get conversations started if I can. I also run the monthly forum trivia which is dev sponsored.

    Anything else feel free to ask me, and feel free to follow me! I like to make new friends so I usually follow back. :D
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    Forums I'm Anubis formerly known as rainofire, roughly 6 years ago, I began my kaw adventure in Murder LLC ran by yumeeie. Was booted from there after an incident concerning items in FOD if you know what I mean ;). I then went to HGK for a few months receiving admin for the first time. When that clan entered into the umbrella Corp I left kaw. A few years later I returned and now here I am today 
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    Yes, welcome to the thread also it's

    [img fit]url[/img fit]
    (without the spaces)

    One day you'll thank me T_T

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    I'm Orkmaster.
    Umm... yeah...
    I have a 6 year badge which makes me pretty different... going to get my 7 in October...
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    I'm me. The end.
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    Nah, don't see it. :lol:
  8. Bump for good memories. And to old friends.

    Also to all the new faces.
  9. Hah look at this guy
  10. Nostalgia hits different
  11. I'm Kiara Mae, from Ireland, 19, been playing KAW for 1 whole day!
    Mainly playing to fill time until i have major transplant surgery, until then i cant do much apart from rest and play games.
    Previously i've played kids farming games with social aspects but there was so much back-stabbing and bullying on them that i reckon a PvP hardcore game would be less stressful.
    So hi. I'm here a lot so come and say hello :)
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  12. Bump , this was a good gave us the chance to get to know a bit about people who we might not of ever crossed paths with or spoke to on kaw.