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    My activity is becoming less and less so I want to make clear that my updating Introduce Yourself will be delayed.
    Feel free to wall/pm me if I'm late, or don't. Doesn't matter lol.

    On the topic of updates... The recent update notes are located below.



    *Announcenent on Page 52
    *Added IlJustifiedandAncientlI to the Forumer List
    *Added monsterdaddy to the Forumer List
    *Added s0LiD_VaP0uR to the Forumer List
    *Added monstermine2 to the Forumer List
    *Added Tom_Burger_Pie to the Forumer List
    *Added Name Change to "C" Forumer Section
    *Removal of VK coloring from -Willy2Tyme-'s name
    *Changed Pipebomb's name color to pink
    *Added PandaGeorge to the Forumer List
    *Applied Limegreen to PandaGeorge's name
    *Added -Rain-_-Nilelion-_-Bow- to the Forumer List
    *Added Yarmes-TS to the Forumer List
    *Added -LaDyAsHx- to the Forumer List
    *Added RueDee to the Forumer List
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    Post for editing later :geek:
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    Cheers Kasama! Thanks for this thread 
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    I have had many names but i guess some people might remember me as Growlithe or Vulgarize. Im not as active right now because im training, but ill be back soon! Forums is one of the best parts of this app, cant wait to get back on it!
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    Bump . Everyone in kaw must signup !
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    Evening all. Since im sittin at work a little bored, i figured id give this a post.

    My friends call me Mal. Im the co owner to Legendary Hero League and have been for a few years.
    Im a bouncer by trade, so the attitude you approach me with, is what you'll get back. I dont take nonsence, and i dont like suffering fools...
    in saying that, Im an easy goin guy, straight forward, always willin to help out and love havin a laugh here with my friends and clan mates.

    Been around Kaw for a while. My original name was Heindall and i started off in 'The Lost Exiles' (shout out to MotherToad & ACN!)

    I eventually moved on to LHL (formally Big League) where i met Hero, and quickly got into my first OSW with a war clan called 'Sabotage'.
    It was there i found my passion for this game.

    I've always been one for honour and respect, and this is why i decided to stick with Hero and his clan.
    Although i have a nasty side, its only evident when you mess with my clan and members. I'll always defend em to the hilt no matter the cost :)

    Well i gotta get back to work, so happy kawing all ;)
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    Hi I'm Rasta or Ras. Been kawing off and on since maybe '11 or '12. Was most active on GaW. Ran a clan/family there. Now jus your typical lurker. Unloading and not saying much. Enjoy EE wars and other forms of PvP. Rl keeps my participation low unfortunately
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    I'm Jakob. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany and then raised in Linz, Austria. I recently moved to the USA to work as a Psychiatrist.

    My other names in this game have been Teufel and Stepwise. I've been playing this game for three years, I recently came back from a nine month break two months ago.

    I'm hoping to improve the forums and the community by writing threads to bring us together.

    I like watching Football and drinking Beer 

    I tend to dislike people who are drama queens as you say.

    That is all ?️
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    Kanney -mechanical engineer
    4 years
    Inc. home clan
    I like to criticize dev's, and people who post bad facts about science.
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    I was kicked out of the circus for being extremely unfunny.i found solitude in the sewers where i terrorised anyone who dared to discard a cigarette butt down the drain. Unfortunatly after a major flood i washed up against LHL clan door with an alligator chomping on my size 16 feet.Thankfully a HERO dragged me in & cleaned me up.Great clan,i may not be the biggest in there but when it comes to red noses & feet...i rule .
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    As stated before in the last Announcement (previous page)
    I have fallen into inactivity and thus joined this thread.
    But I've returned and have decided to revive it and bring in into the next KaW generation.

    Please assist me in doing so by providing updated names of past users and showing your support.

    Thanks all.


    *New Editors Note and Update Notes on Page 65
    *Added Filthy_Maggot to the Forumer List
    *Added lll_xXx_WARS_BEAST_xXx_lll to the Forumer List
    *Added BAD___B_u_S_T_e_R___BOY to the Forumer List
    *Added -RaiNBow_DaSh-NooBLeT- to the Forumer List
    *Added -Narwhal to the Forumer List
    *Added IlII_BaronllIVonlIlBagel_Illl to the Forumer List
    *Added l--II--------X---------ll--I to the Forumer List
    *Added shadows-in-the-neon-skys_smsjb to the Forumer List
    *Added BobRosszHappyBush to the Forumer List
    *Added Bravo to the Forumer List
    *Added name change to Forumer in 'B' section
    *Added LHL_LegendaryRandomMalice_LHL to the Forumer List
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    Same. I hate mochi games. For Why they collapsed :/
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    Yeesh, tough crowd.
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    Hey forumer's, Nice to meet ya'll :) i've been round for about 3+1/2 yrs on n off, had about around 5 different accts but down to just this one atm. I spend my time at my homeclan Asguard Elite these days but have called a few home...started & learnt alot @The Four Elements family, and after moving on from there & checking out a few clans, was a senior admin at The Soul Society, wars are us & - L e v i a t h a n - to name a few & had more name changes than i can remember lol. Made alot of friends across kaw in my time here but i keep in touch with few nowadays unfortunately due to breaks, name changes & such. I used to be an all-round kawer, doing epics/ee's/osw's & wateva else i could throw in the mix but consider myself mostly an eb fairy now.
    In rl i like to try to live simple & work hard at my job as a Landscape/garden/lawncare/aboriculture/maintenace/removals/demo worker & have previously worked in a tonne of other fields. I enjoy hobbies in areas like sports, music, movies, video-games, animes, tv, philosophy, woodworking, reading & writing, history, maths, science & art so consider myself abit of an all-rounder, finding that there's never enough time within a day. I think having good friends, a harmonious society & real knowledge are the greatest goals of life & how ppl treat each other matters more than blood, borders, faith or any belief. If i had a life motto it'd b to seek the non-percieved truth, better myself & benefit society.

    Ty for reading & hope i cyas round kaw :)
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    ^noice noice

    welcome to the list
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    I'm C0ML3Y. That's all I've ever been and will be.

    I just pop on the forums from time to time. Some say nonsense. Some say helpful.

    I've just been about a bit and people just generally recognise me for whatever reason.

    I'll happily help, have a laugh or role play for seals.
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    ^Sounds good

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    Better known as pars
    Well known for being a proud scot.

    Home clan. WTF

    Likes...haggis...boxing...and the english getting beat at football

    Dislikes.....those who threaten to farm but are never in your nf but always bragging about it in forums....
    Osw's(they are pointless)
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    Hi I'm Wolfie and I'm a smashaholic