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    Well. Im PandaGeorge. I work as a power plant operator. Like Homer Simpson. Yeah. Ive played this game for almost 6 years this April. Many months i only play just for the chat so this game becomes a second family and its kinda my escape from reality

    Ingame i used to be a LL osf . Back then it was 0/0/324k/324k stats. Used to open for hours in wc to help players grow. A player named rie73 helped me greatly back then. Eventually a great player called Minaja and Mrs Minaja helped me during plunder wars and showed me the ropes of the game. I ll always be grateful of them bc they taught me how to war when nobody else wanted to help.
    Eventually i landed on minas morgul which had amazing players during season 2 and 3 and became utterly hooked on the game. I used to be highly present in forums making threads on improvements and ideas for the game.
    During season 3 i made the damocles list(thread in" best of " section) in which every single war i tracked the activity of players in all wars. With the massive help of admins and owners in each war clan they kept me informed to confirm each rosters activity log and punish the inactives. This list helped war commanders choose better wc warriors and improved their chances of success. Devs liked this and decided to make the broken sword spell after this idea to better help the future wars.

    Then i went to b2bunited where with kav and able and 97 others we made the " tour de kaw" for the quetzal banner event( first ever banners)
    Lb players like silph, cella and redstar were part of it( full story on " best of" thread called b2bunited)

    Shortly after i became a VK, had applied for forum mod and was accepted. Few days before being initiated with the orange new regs from ATA, merged the position and i became a green moderator.

    Ever since, ive become more silent and more cautious in posting. This position attracts a LoT of heat and personal attacks. So i mainly help via DMs. But my biggest way i try to help is like all mods do, behind the scenes

    Well. Kasama. I hope this is well received and thanks for this opportunity to enjoy memorable stories
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    The two types of people on forums.
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    Be careful, the truth isn't always well received
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    My name is Dash! I've been around on KaW since November 2009! I lost my original account (Thanks Mochi Games) and created this one shortly after!
    A Lot of people know me by many names, a lot know me more by last name "Red-St0rm" (Yes the Mod who Rest, resigned and Quit Kaw because of family reasons back in 2013)

    Been back Lil over 6months now, kicking some ass in OSW and causing trouble in WC/Forums.

    Well thats me :lol:
    Dash out ๎€๎€‘๏ธ
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    Hello, it's me Buster. I started playing KaW when PaW was actually popular and had more players. This account was my first alt, original account has been long lost since before the High Lands came out. I've had some large LOAs from the game over the years. The three biggest always ended up with some big chance when I came back. EBs, Repeat Button, HF.

    I don't post often on forums and don't talk in WC often. Will more than likely never change.

    I started my ATA gaming in PaW with A51. Became really good friends with Tyr and keep in touch with him through him quitting in GaW during THE MOB & ZAFT War. I learned all my tactics through him. Eventually PaW started to die, and I stopped playing like many people did. Started playing KaW shortly after. It was a very easy transition since both game mechanics were identical.

    I don't remember my first clans all that much in KaW, it wasn't until I joined Land of Misfit Toys and met an awesome family of players, which I still keep in touch with in game to this day, that I would stick in one clan for long. I had an idea of OSW from PaW but it wasn't until the Co Leader of Misfits convinced me to follow him into -WiT- that I actually learned what to do to beat people down. After awhile I quit KaW for GaW.
    Old KaW names in some form were: acidicblood, slaughterhouse, war4426
    Pretty sure this name was acidicblood and war turned into slaughterhouse

    During KaW I did try PiMD when it came out, way different than it is today. However the short run showed me how to have a good build with those mechanics. GaW being the war version of PiMD made GaW easy to grow and play. When the first families came out I joined NO FEAR for awhile but left shortly after. I started my own Family called iRegulators which did great for awhile. We had won two OSWs back to back then some internal issues led us to split apart. During an OSW I met a guy named HADES, we started talking and when the split happened he got me into THE MOB II, changed into THE MOB ZOMBIES right before Zaft War. We fought a very hard and long war against Zaft. Outnumbered from the get go, it ended in a mutual CF. THE MOB is also where I met some really cool friends, some of which are now with me in KaW and still talk to. When GaW shut down I came back to KaW.
    Names: BusterMcThunderStick, THE___B_u_S_T_e_R___MOB

    The game changed a lot since GaW came out. I hoped around clans for a long time. Started one, failed. Hoped around, started another clan, fail. It was in this clan my friends and I from GaW lost a dear friend and wonderful person BiggestJim, RIP Brother! I then hoped again but had more time spent in newer choices. Spent some time in Wraith of the Immortals, completely new clan members now, brought a group of friends to The Path to Hell, led by Joe a really good guy, name now changed to Woodies, and a short time in ALPHA, another great group of people. Now I have my clan again, so far not failing!!!
    Names: BusterMcThunderStick, ALPHA_BusterMcThunderstick, BAD___B_u_S_T_e_R___BOY

    I'm an avid bass angler, love movies and will gladly talk movies any day with whoever wishes, I'm a chef and get to yell at people all day and have very very sharp knives. I'm working on finishing my business plan for my own restaurant and have started writing a cookbook. I specialize in Texas Barbecue, Mexican and Old world German cuisine.
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    I am the blank I am the rot I am the bitterness... I am the war I am the death I am the crucifix... I am the sacrifice of the end, I am the fall of man .I am apocalypse of the dead men .I am your last breath... I am sin
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    My name is Filthy_Maggot and I am an alcoholic. Wait.... Sorry, habit.

    I am not new to forums or the game I have been around for a while. I am better know by other names and better versed with other games. I have seen the world start with sticks and daggers, I have watch it grow to pens and liars. From free to alls hits to seal for entries. From player ran system wars to all out osw. I have see fairies catch the war bug and warriors retire. Great clans go inactive as new ones grow higher.

    There is nothing great or woeful about me in this game. I have shook hands with kings while I drown their heirs. I have set behind queens as I whisper in their ears. An assassin for hire who cost to much to buy. Stuck in a world of gold with only pennies in thy eyes. I guess you can call it madness, I guess you can call it guilt. As to why I still play this game when so many retired and hung up their hilts.
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    Can I make a new one? I'm in the genuine mood today. Not like I was last time when I posted kappa pics๎’
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    My name is -Narwhal. I'm not the same person or own the account Narwhal, or Bacon_Nutella_Narwhal. Goodbye.
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    Bonjour cher people. My name est Baron von Bagel. I aime teh baguls. K thx bai
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    I'm X. Used to be TripX and also TripXSaint. Over 3 years of kaw. Twice reset. Once in my first year just for spontaneous fun and once under 1 year ago to help me try and quit this damn game. Worked for several months. Came back anyway. Alas. Largest I've ever grown to was around 17-18mill cs. Hl complete is my biggest accomplishment. I did system wars when system wars were still a thing. T4 builds were the highest build when I started. I play this game to kill time when I'm bored. Sometimes it entertains me, sometimes it does not. I enjoy small osw's, I don't mind big ones, just that I don't have the time to or patience to make kaw a priority. Which I find is nessacary for big osw's. I've helped train alot of new players in my kaw time, I've helped many small/medium sized clans. I also enjoy lightly farming new guys or anyone who will "cry". I dislike people who farm farmers for farming "I don't approve of farming so I'm gonna farm you", nonsense. I may turn around and help someone I lightly farmed. I may decide to just be helpful instead of hitting. I just do things. Chaotic perhaps. Twisted sense of humor and highly innapropriate.
    I don't think I'll ever accomplish anything in kaw. Nor do I aspire to. Though I would like to see more pvp. Spread a little chaos folks. Kaw used to be a dangerous place, a place where you always banked your gold, a place where new players kept their heads down, and a place where posting in wc was a gamble as you were very likely to take inc.
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    Bumping for im_a_pacifist :)
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    Locking his/her thread wasn't necessary
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    I am shadows-in-the-neon-skys_smsjb. Its shadows or jb for short. I used to be called smsjb (don't ask). I sometimes run the odd competition in the forums. E.g my code breaking challenge.
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    I'm a little behind so momentarily I will be adding these Forumers...

    Patience is a virtue ;)

    Bravo - page 65 DONE
    BobRosszHappyBush - page 64 DONE
    shadows-in-the-neon-skys_smsjb - page 64 DONE
    l--II--------X---------ll--I - page 64 DONE
    IlII_BaronllIVonlIlBagel_Illl - page 64 DONE
    -Narwhal - page 64 DONE
    Filthy_Maggot - page 63 DONE
    lll_xXx_WARS_BEAST_xXx_lll - page 63 DONE
    BAD___B_u_S_T_e_R___BOY - page 63 DONE
    -RaiNBow_DaSh-NooBLeT- - page 63 DONE
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    Hi. I'm Bob. I enjoy long walks on the beach, the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of new socks, and I hate the texture of bananas.
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    res for responses to intros
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