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  1. Ppl supporting 75k are the ones that asked for it in the first place🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Do those people even exist? I haven't seen a single one🤔
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  3. New lands will make new epic easier I assume. More items. It's the only way it makes sense for non pay epics. We'll see😘
  4. Even if that's true it's the wrong order, since this change happened before the lands, in stead of at the same time or lands first
  5. I mean why did we get a new insanely difficult EB before the new lands?
  6. [ATA] Appa said:

    “The number of collection items to complete the Main Legend, as well as the Medium and Hard side legends have been increased. Partially, this is a response to player feedback, but additionally we want to keep the later legend rewards somewhat exclusive.”

    Now correct me if I’m wrong... the top 10, top 50, top 100 level rewards.... aren’t those the “exclusive” rewards?

    Why make it harder for the rest of kaw to achieve rewards that are less “exclusive” than the top 10, top 50 and top 100 “exclusive” rewards?

    Makes me wonder which player’s feedback this is in response to. I highly doubt many players want the higher collection tier.

    Seems like ATA is on its knees serving the few spenders lobbying for that change.
  7. It's the spenders who used to cross 50k in first few days but not be able to make it into t100 most likely 🙄
  8. Honesrly, at this point Im wondering if its just time for me to quit. Any goals that was attainable without spending or hopping around for our clan has become pretty much not attainable, and loyal clan members not hopping around are already sacrificing growth because of crestplate drops, now will on event drops as well. Because of this change that encourages those members that are loyal to clans to hop around to meet goals as well. Imo, the regular goals should be attainable by the atleasr top 50ish or so clans that are strong enough to run top tier ebs at reasonably fast speeds, As said above the exclusive rewards are the top rewards: Top 100, Top 50, and especially Top 10. Loyal active clan members shouldnt have to hop around just to reach regular goals, especially as I said above if they are in top 50 or so clans that run your top tier ebs.

    Very discouraging and frustrating to me as a long term player and clan owner, to the point that maybe it is time to throw in the towel soon.
  9. Can you plz fix your forum posting, its a pain to even type the post, have to save every little bit in case Im kicked out for some reason, and now I see a spelling error I cant even go back to edit my own post as before. 🙄
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  10. Bring back the old tiers then simply add another higher tier with even better rewards. By doing that you’ll keep everyone happy and the ones that want that last tier can chose to spend money to reach it. (If this is a similar post from previous I apologize, I admit I have not read all posts 😘)
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  11. Initially, I read this and thought, that might could work. However, I feel that if the regular event highest tier has a higher, better drop, you are still going to just encourage clan members that dont want to pay, to hop around and get highest tier. The only way this may work is by instead of increasing regular event tiers, would be to make an additional top tier at 150 or 200 top, that would of course be less rewards than top 100 but more rewards than highest regular event, 50k rewards. I mean when they release new lands and make the newest none premium eb more realistic, then there maybe a time to increase the regular event tier, but as of now its just seems to encourage less clan loyality for most regular eb clans, imo.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly with Stacy. My first concern is, if they don't listen to player feedback from one deemed a Valiant Knight, who would they listen to??

    Secondly, almost ALL of these problems stem from clan loyalty. But before I rant about that I will give the devs the benefit of the doubt because a few events ago they tested clan loyalty a bit. I'm assuming they have plans going into the future with stuff like that.

    The only issue I see with clan loyalty is that it effectively kills NK clans, in theory, due to those kinds of clans lying on the opposite end of the end-goal of what clan loyalty is attempting to push. Killing or slowing down NK clans? Hell no. I doubt we will see ANY meaningful clan loyalty changes thus they should rollback the legends changes they made.
  13. Most of what Im seeing as far as this event tier increase has caused more to hop around to reach new tier level. Although Im sure some went to NK or premium eb clansclans as well.
    I do appreciate the attempt to the clan loyality they did a few events back, however, I dont think the way they did the event necessarily helped overall clan loyality simply because they made it about the clan as a whole to get to the event tiers, therefore people wanted to run to the bigger faster clans to reach the higher reward tiers.

    I think only way to really encourage clan loyality is to make a benefit for the person staying in your clan at its level by either increasing event drops and creastplate drops according to time spent in your clan, so that hopping clan to clan dont give such great of benefits. Of course notsure how easily that can be implemented, but that would probably encourage clan loyality a bit more.
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  14. Lol, another issue with posting to this forum! Idk why that first part is in here like this, it certainly wasnt how I was trying to post this! 🙄😒
  15. Aha the forums can definitely by dodgy sometimes. On the whole, I think the new 75k could be reworked but its good enough