Intermittent Server Issues

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, May 19, 2017.

  1. We're currently looking into some connectivity issues players may be facing.

    Some of you may be running into 'Remove call failed: 500: Internal Server Error'.

    We'll keep you updated!
  2. Cant hit my ztas wtf man pls help
  3. kaw machine broke
  4. Houston. We have A problem
  5. Instead of an xtal, can i have speakers as compensation?
  6. New lands pls
  7. I've got a great promo idea ATA.
    Ready for it?
    It's called "run an event without a dumpster fire"
  8. LMFAO free xtal??

    "Here's a lollipop for all you chumps out there running cruxes, BCs, seals, and circles. Plz keep buying our polished turds"
  9. Who is in charge of spell checking? There are 2 spelling errors in this new snake eb

    They misspelled morale by typing

    "Moral high, your ships set sail into the sea of sommand"

    Who writes this stuff

    Also "eerily" is misspelled aswell

    I blame Charlie because we know he can't spell angels
  10. I am god bow down to me
  11. Also if you didn't notice the epic battles that were running at the time have been extended one hour to help compensate. :)
  12. Subsequently we will have a shiny new polished turd in the VERY near future!! Get your nobs now !!! HURRY
  13. Certainly helps on a train...