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  1. Hey people of Kaw. I'm Here to sale boxes ..If anyone interested ..Post here ur offers. Best offer will be selected and notify further. Happy time. love u all my brothers and there sisters .Thanks
  2. I can't top that offer =/
  3. 1 golden dablooon
  4. I offer grammar assistance. Sell*
  5. I’ll offer 1 fart and 2 toenails
  6. WOW MY THREAD STILL OPEN ..keep offering Guys 
  7. Yes, a true testament to the patience of the KaW player base and mods who police the forums.

    I think we’re all equally as shocked as you are...
  8. A cubit of liquorice
  9. One stick
  10. 3 poptarts

  11. Boot licker.
  12. Doormat
  13. I shall give you one riddles answer, gleaned from an elven cleric.
  14. Because of this dork, I have no choice but to raise my offer to two sticks
  15. The funniest thing I think I ever read on KaW forums. I don’t know if it is because I am baked, but this is just absolutely hilarious.
  17. My jock strap. ;)
    Interesting enough?
  18. 1 bottle of Donald Trump's tanning lotion