Interesting facts and tidbits

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  1. If you set a die on a table and add the total from any two aposing sides the sum total will always be 7
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  2. Apparently woodlice, when cooked up, taste like shrimp and are just as edible to humans...

    Bottoms up!
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  3. That would take a lot of wood lice!
  4. I saw it when I was looking up how to survive if I got lost somewhere... can't remember where now, but woodlice were a recommendation.

    Ants can be eaten raw though. Just find a nest and eat as many as you can.
    Although, I once saw a Cambodian chilli ant soup which genuinely looked really tasty! 😋
  5. Did you know that the Romans invented concrete? They were so good at it that they could pour concrete under water and it would set up. Also their concrete was 100 times stronger than modern concrete and scientists today cannot find a way to reproduce it!