inspirational quotes

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  1. "Can't stump the Trump"
  2. Evil can only triumph, if good men stand by and do nothing.
  3. There's no such thing as a stupid question!
    When the knock you down..You get up swinging
    Big girls Don't Cry
    I'm a survivor
    You can achieve anything if you put Ur mind to it!
  4. "If you and a man each have a dollar and trade them they each still have 1 dollar. If you and a man each have an idea and you trade ideas, you each have 2 ideas"
  5. So when the police tell us to go down we should start swinging at them?

    Can I stop a bullet if I put my mind to it?

    "Why do things today that you can put off to tomorrow?"
  6. Dont be afriad ot maek mistaeks
  7. As my school teacher once said, 'whenever I open my mouth some fool speaks'
  8. "You know nothing" -John Snow