Insidious Villains

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  1. i like Killer.
  2. Your opinion doesn't really matter
  3. Lol my opinions dont matter .That's why you said sorry to me in p/m for pipebomb . Do get your mind together , because you say one thing but do another.
  4. Hey Roni. Gain some intellect and relevance, ty.
  5. ^All Jackson's alts. You see how nobody else is supporting you but trolls. When you get actual friends please tell me. Until then you can shut your mouth and stop being salty asf. You ain't bout it nor will you be. Keyboard Warrior is all you are and all you'll ever be. It doesn't matter though, Account sharing only gets you so far. This is also the last you will hear from me I'm done talking to a troll who makes Autistic jokes. You really are pathetic aren't you? Like I said though, devs have all the SS of you account sharing. Not an accusation either.
  6. Coming from the pleb whos bottom cr doesnt hit back cuase there all pinned lmao
  7. Who's supporting you? An autistic obese girl. Pretty much just the female (I think) version of you lmao.
  8. You really look very stupid . Because it doesnt matter how large or skinny anybody is . That doesnt effect how fast they can hit the buttons to attack you. You must lack a outside life that kaw becomes your whole social life.So regardless how handsome ,pretty ,ugly or fat or slim you are you still find yourself on kaw because nothing much going on in real life .So must not have much friends in reallife else you would be doing stuff with them. So get your own sad self in check first.
  9. Ronald pretty much summing up his whole life.
  10. Her life, ask sneakbo hes heard me speak in a 3rd party app group call. But sneakbo is too scared and chicken to voice chat. He only brave in typing .
  11. Apparently you sounded like a dying pigeon on steroids.
  12. Least i aint afraid to speak all that i type unlike youse lot .
  13. Roni the fourm warrior just shudd up u dont even know what your talking about you would think you would think before you write
  14. irek im more than a forum warrior ive proved that .Please hit me with your main else shut up.
  15. No Jackson your opinion doesn't matter
  16. His main is too scared
  17. You're irrelevant and insignificant. Get out lmao
  18. C'mon guys and girls, come up with something more original that "hurdur,you're insignificant"
  19. R.i.p Jackson. Enjoy RL.
  20. Already ran to another clan and have them in your banner after a day of being there? Wow 