Insidious Villains

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  1. TL;DR

    This is a clan recruitment thread... duh

    looking for 10m cs attack build/8m cs hansel

    But if you have heart and loyalty than don't worry. We will still take you since no one else will! 

    Must be willing to fight for family though.. or atleast don't run when ur nf gets full..

    K Thnx Bai.. ️️

    Ninja and Gang at Insidious Villains
  2. Deadpool isn't a villain
  3. Sounds like a fairy clan
  4. So what's the point of your clan?
  5. The point of this clan is for people who like stuff other than being a fairy. After I came back from my break for rl I realized there weren't many clans that you could count on if you ever got in trouble. So whats the point of perming there if you know you can't trust them ya know? So thats the point of my clan, to know you have a family you can trust.
  6. Gonna die soon.
  7. yeah thats normally my luck 
  8. No offense lol. Just doesn't look promising. GL though bud :3
  9. thank you 
  10. Support
    P.s. Ninja is still a noob
  11. Good point.
  12. Good luck mate looks good!
  13. thank you! 
  14. thank you, great gif btw 
  15. Lol!!
  16. Oh yea?

  17. Sounds like what I've been looking for, pop over after event ends