Inside The Kingdom:With Akastos

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  1. Greetings! Some of you may know me but most of you dont... be we will change that! For It has come to my attention that our world may once again need a prolific penman, and warrior wordsmith, a cunning commentator a..well you get the point don't you?

    I believe that in this age we the KAW Empire need a Journalist which is why I, Your humble servant Akastos Will take it upon my self to Create:

    Inside The Kingdom:With Akastos

    ITK Will be a Series of interviews With Kaw's Great and Good ( and sometimes not so good heh heh...)

    The Famous! and the infamous!
    The kawocracy: The War heros,mercs,forum runners and the greatest Kawers of our age.

    I will find them all for you the viewer.

    All while being only slighty *swirls glass a bit*
    ..ok maybe a bit more than Slightly but never the less my darlings I will make it my mission to find Greatness a serve it to you on a sliver platter

    Stay tuned for the first interview!

    ps:if you think you could be a potential interviewee wall me!
  2. No, unless you interview Roni. LOL
  3. Do this it will be awesome
  4. who is u
  5. was gonna post this
  6. Who cares?
  7. Who I am is of little importance,I am just a humble servant of the people wishing to get out the stories of others. The better question is who are you and should your story to be heard? *sips wine*
  8. huh?
  9. I did say "*sips wine*" you don't expect every sentence to be completely coherant do you? Never the less,I edited it for you.
  10. Ohhhh it's you
  11. Those RP asterisks though :lol:
  12. A bit to white,and pin stripped fedora's are just tacky.
    We all can't drink Pabst blue ribbon pipe but who your interview I can have it on offer if you want. :lol:
  13. Please do an interview with the vampire.. I'm sure it won't suck at all..

  14. I always wondered how big that ball had to be for you to make that dunk prime...actually that might be one of your interview questions.
  15. Your wit will be lost on this crowd. Certified peanut gallery.
  16. Iz U da Vamp? If so, bite me baby.*wink* *awkward hip thrusting* *finger guns*
  17. I'm intrigued.