-INSANE ASYLUM- ... join us (comic strip)

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  1. Hello fellow brother(OP)
  2. Nice job Crump! I still remember that BA comic!
  3. Bump - Just because this is too good to go to the bottom of the pile!
  4. This was totally amazing!!! Great work.
  5. -IA- always was a great clan. Old me is still on this thread...  hope all is well, Widow. Still mad support.
  6. Nice thread :D
  7. This needs to be stickied. Absolutely remarkable.
  8. Was a great trip down memory lane checking out this post again, some crazies have left the building, but others here are still going strong!
    I'll see if I can convince Crumpets to renew the thread with maybe the 'C' wing 
  9. Awesome thread. Still going strong here at the nut house :grin:

    Always looking for more crazies to join us. New and improved straight jacket and meds now available 
  10. Crazies are the best 
  11. Nice work crumpets this is the most awesome forum I have seen great art work. I'm quite new to the asylum but i haven't found anything I dislike about.
  12. Sexy Crazies 
  13. 2 years and this trend is still the best ever made!!!!
  14. Great job on this crumpets! I love it here :p
  15. Re: -_INSANE ASYLUM_- ... join us (comic strip)

    ruggy its still here!!! omg after all these years 
  16. Why are there two Harley quinns
  17. Because it would be insane not to...
  18. Bump - because it’s still the best clan thread ever made!
  19. Found it for you Bin ;)