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    I stood on a hill as I watched the sun set. My sword and dagger were attached to my belt. My arrows were strapped to my back, and my bow was in my hand. I looked to my left and nodded to my best friend and hunting partner, Lizeren. It would not be long now.
    The full moon began to rise. Lizeren and I strung our bows in unison. "Flamrous" we said, as our arrows were released. They soared across the sky, right over Nemeran forest. Then, the arrows exploded, into something you humans would call fireworks. Lemon- Yellow orbs of light fell through the trees, onto the ground. Now, they would know we were coming...
    We ran. We ran fast, down the hill, onto the edge of Nemeran Forrest.
    I'm sorry, human. You look confused. Perhaps I should explain…
    My name is Irin. Also known as 'the defender of the innocent,' 'The mind of the Blade,' 'The shield of the land' and so on and so forth. And no, I'm not of the Human origin. I'm an elf. I come from the city of Erram, capital city of the Elvin land, Soroth.
    Lizeren, (I mentioned her, right?) has been my friend and hunting partner for countless years.

    What are we hunting? Good question. Notice the full moon. That's right, Werewolves.
    Why Hunt Werewolves? Another good question. Those vile beasts have been tearing apart Nemeran Forest every month for years. They were hard to get rid of. And you could only get rid of them on a full moon.
    It's not true what they say. You don't turn into a werewolf when you’re bitten by one. But it's very painful. In some cases, you can die. These cases are rare. But they do happen, which is why they have to go.
    And now I assume you’re wondering about the fireworks. The orbs of light that came from them are the only source of light in the forest. The branches of the trees are so thick, that you can't see the moon very well. Light is essential when battling and hunting. I found this out the hard way many times.
  2. We stopped running at the edge of the forest, then slowly we walked forward. There was no light where were. The darkness fell in a thick blanket.
    As we crept deeper in the forest, we were careful not to make a sound. We needed the element of surprise
    I noticed that Liz jumped. "Irin," she said. "Did you hear that?"
    "No," I whispered. "Let's keep moving. I think I see some light up ahead."
    We kept walking, but I noticed that Liz was walking a little faster.
    Thankfully, I was right. We reached one of the orbs of light. It was floating a few feet off of the ground. It didn't cast much light, but it was enough to keep us going. Then I heard a noise.
    "Irin?"Lizeren whispered. I put my finger to my lips.
    I looked at the orb. If I touched it, the orb would disappear, concealing Liz and I from whatever was out there. If I left it alone, we would be fully visible to the enemy, but we would be able to see and fight. I couldn't decide.
    Liz decided for me. She waved her hand through the orb. We were left in darkness. Possibly with a werewolf.
    I took a deep breath, picked up my bow, and slowly strung it. I aimed blindly for the werewolf, then released the arrow. The Silence afterword was deafening, but it lasted only a few seconds.
    "Hey," I voice said, startled.
    I strung my bow again, and Liz unsheathed her sword. We waited.
    A shadow emerged from the cover of the Darkness, into a small sliver of moonlight. It was a man. An Elvin man.
    He held a sword in a defensive position. Liz stepped forward. The elf stepped back. "Who are you?" he said. "We're the protectors of this forest." Liz said, “Who are you,"
    He avoided the question. "Protecting from what?"
    "Surely you know it is a full moon." I said to him. He was silent, so I said, “You shouldn't be traveling in this forest alone. Not during a full moon. The werewolves are out."
    "Oh... I should go then."
    "Did you not hear what she just said?" By the tone of her voice, I could tell she was annoyed, and frustrated. It was common knowledge to avoid the forest during a full moon. The only reason we were here was because we were employed by the queen to destroy the werewolves. We weren't the only ones trying to get rid of them. More elves would come later. But no one ever traveled alone
    "You should come with us." I told him. He tried to refuse but I cut him off. "My name is Irin. This is Lizeren, or Liz for short." I could tell that Liz didn't like my idea much. I didn't either -we had a job to do! But I wasn't about to leave this elf to die at the hands of a werewolf. Maybe he could be of some help...
    "I'm iZ." he said. Liz and I both shared the same thought. It was a strange name. iZ slowly stepped forward. I scanned our surroundings. By now my vision had adjusted to the night. (That's the nice thing about the orbs. They don't ruin your night vision) "We should keep moving," I said. Then I listened for the slightest sound. And I herd...

    A howl. Somewhere in the near distance. Straight ahead. I started running. I was determined to kill it. I heard Liz's pounding breath next to mine. I glanced back. iZ was running, but keeping his distance from us. For some reason, that annoyed me.
    I stopped running. Liz stopped, then behind us, iZ stopped. Liz looked at me, confused. "What's wrong?"
    "We should’ve seen it by now." I whispered. I started to listen. Nemeran Forrest was quite. I closed my eyes, trying to listen harder. When I opened them, I found myself wishing I had kept them closed.
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  4. A giant, fierce, growling werewolf jumped out of nowhere.
    It landed between iZ, and me and Liz. It seemed as if all three of us unsheathed our swords at the same time. The werewolf was huge, twice the size of a full grown horse. Its fur looked gray, and clumps of it were missing. Its jaws were big and powerful. Its claws were sharp and long.
    My arms were tense, longing to plunge my sword into the wolf's black heart. But I had to wait. It was his turn to move.
    The werewolf was still in-between iZ and us. It looked back and forth, deciding which prey to hunt first. Thankfully, Liz knows how to move things along. She shot the wolf with an arrow. The arrow hit the wolf, but it didn't seem to do much damage. The wolf charged at us. I jumped out of the way just before it trampled me. Liz did something completely stupid and dangerous. She jumped onto the werewolf, and was thrown off immediately. She fell to the grown and got up slowly. I hoped she wasn't hurt too badly.
    I looked around for iZ. I didn't see him. I hoped he was hiding nearby. The werewolf was approaching Liz. I got up and ran. It looked like Liz had dropped her sword, and arrows can only do so much. She took out her dagger and held it out in front of her. Then I did something incredibly stupid and dangerous. And I admit it.
    I jumped onto the werewolf’s back and held on for my life. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Liz get out of harm’s way
    It wasn't too long before I was thrown off the werewolf. It hurt when I hit the ground. The werewolf towered over me. I scooted backwards until my back was against a tree. There was nowhere to go now...

    Suddenly, the wolf howled, in what seemed like pain. I looked around, thinking Liz had shot the wolf with an arrow. But I didn't see her. I looked down. There, on the werewolf’s hind leg was a snake, which was biting the enemy. it was a huge, snake. Knowing that I had just been given a chance for escape I rolled away. Still howling in pain, the werewolf clawed at its leg, trying to get the snake off. While it was distracted, I picked up my fallen sword, and attacked. With its arm it pushed me away and I fell back. Liz was attacking from the other side, and the snake was still clinging to its leg. I took out my dagger, and threw it. It spun in a circle and made contact with the intended target. The werewolf collapsed.
    I leaned back, and took a deep breath. Then, I started laughing. Anyone else would think I was crazy, but Liz knew what I meant. It was a close call- for both of us. And let me tell you! If you ever want an adrenalin rush, hunt werewolves. After a minute I stopped laughing. I looked over at the snake that had probably saved my life. It began to transform in a mask of fire and smoke. The snake was iZ. I stood and smiled at him. "Thank you," I told him. He nodded, then looked away.
    I walked over to Liz. "You okay?" I asked.
    "Yeah. You?"
    "I'm fine."
    I leaned on a tree and gathered my thoughts. The werewolf had been loud. Every creature within a mile would have been able to hear it clearly. This place could be swarming with werewolves in a matter of minutes. We had to keep moving.
  5. I sighed, then opened my eyes. I wondered how much longer the night would last. There was a clearing not too far from where we were...
    I walked over to the dead creature and took my dagger. Then I told Liz and iZ about the clearing.
    "Let’s go then," Liz said.
    I looked at iZ. He shrugged.
    "The clearing should be that way" I said as I pointed east. "I think it's less than a mile away."
    Liz and I started walking. iZ stayed behind us.
    Liz glanced backward. "He doesn't trust us, does he?" she said.
    "I don't know. He helped us fight the werewolf."
    "He probably saved you because if he didn't, you would be dead and he would have to fight it off alone."
    "Alone? Wouldn't you be there?"
    "We both know you wouldn't let anyone die if you could help it."
    "Your right I guess."
    "You don't like him?" I already knew the answer to that. But I wanted to hear her say it.
    " he doesn't trust us. You see the way he's acting. And what's with the strange name?"
    "I don't know. But I think we should talk about this later."
    Liz nodded, and we continued walking in silence.
    I stumbled into the clearing. It was easy to miss, because it was so small. I was thankful that I knew this forest well, otherwise I probably would have missed it.
    I looked up. The moon was close to the horizon. I faintly smiled in relief. The night was almost over. Once the moon set, the werewolves would change back, into its Elvin form, and we would be able to sleep for a few hours.
    "Let’s stay here," Liz said, sitting down.
    I nodded. "But someone should keep watch until the moon Goes down." I looked at Liz, then iZ. No one said anything. Looks like I was stuck with first watch.
    I went to the edge of the clearing and leaned on a tree, facing the way we came. I couldn't wait until the moon set.
    I closed my eyes and listened. I was tired, and if I wasn't careful, I knew I would fall asleep soon. Fortunately, that never happened...
    But it almost did....
  6. So there I was, leaning on the tree, exhausted, and close to sleep. The rustling of the bushes...the foot steps... the hushed voices.... None of it meant anything to me!

    Until an arrow whizzed past my ear...
    My eyes snapped open. I drew my sword and got into a defensive position. My heart was racing. Werewolves didn't use arrows...did they?
    My eyes darted across the forest. I saw nothing.
    I listened. I herd... Laughter?!?!?
    "Gotcha, Irin!" said a familiar voice.
    "And Dash!" said another voice I recognized.
    Lyn and Dash stepped forward. They were my friends, both of them half angel, half human, though they were not related.
    I smiled and sheathed my sword. "It doesn't matter how many times you guys play that trick on me. It gets me every time," I said, laughing. "You guys really scared me that time."
    We walked into the clearing. Liz, who had been asleep earlier, woke up. "What's going on?" she asked sleepily.
    "Irin was falling asleep during her watch. “Dash said joking.
    I looked up. The moon had set. I looked at the other side of the clearing, where iZ was asleep. I know a lot could have gone wrong if the werewolves were still out. I had to be more carefully in the future.
    I took another look at Dash and Lyn. They had some minor wounds.
    "I assume you guys where hunting?"
    "Yep! We killed four tonight!" Dash said proudly.
    "Four!" Liz said in amazement. On average, Liz and I normally killed two. Four kills in one night was nothing to sneeze at. Of course, they were angels. They had certain... Advantages.
    "Irin and I only managed to kill one tonight. We were... Distracted."
    As she said this, Liz looked over at iZ.
    "Who is he?" Dash asked.
    "Some stray we picked up during the hunt." Liz said flatly.
    "You don't have to be mean" I said. Hopefully, iZ was asleep. "We can talk later. Let's just get some sleep. It won't be long before dawn."
    I sat down with my back against a tree. Dash and Lyn did the same.
    I closed my eyes. Then sleep came.
  7. thought you might like to take a look at my book, “Soroth, through the ages- a human's guide to Elvin knowledge." It's huge, with thin, yellowing pages and tiny print. It was written by an old elf, but no one knows his name because he never put his name on the book... Anyway, here it is...
    Angles- Swift, strong and graceful, like elves. They are brilliant fighters and skilled with magic. Angles do not have wings. Instead they change into animals that can fly(see animal transformation: pg 3041) Legend says that angels were formed when a great ball of light fell from the sky and hit an elf. This has never been proven. Today we believe Angels were sent from above to help in times of need. They are very uncommon creatures and normally keep their true identities hidden. Angels have helped many times in the past in battle....
    Bored yet? You don't know the meaning of the word until you have to read this book cover to cover. This guy wasn't the most exciting writer... Maybe that's why he never put his name on the book...
    But be thankful I left the less interesting and less important stuff out. That would have bored you to tears!
    Still however boring this book might be, it's been of use to me many times...and not always as a paper weight.
    So here's the next topic. You still with me?

    Our world, shared with the humans-

    Wait, wait! Scratch that! I'm saving that for later!
    Try this one instead...
    Animal Transformation- For advanced magic users only. One of the most difficult spells to learn, the spell caster must study the animal he or she wants to turn into very closely. Transformation happens when the spell caster recites the spell and focuses all of his energy on changing his molecules into the desired animal’s molecules. This process is very complicated, but when practiced enough, transformation can be complete in less than a second.
    Yeah, I left some stuff out that time too. A lot of stuff won't make sense until later anyway. But that's how iZ was able to turn into a snake. Which seems strange to me. If you look at the first sentence in that entry, it said, "only for advanced magic users," That didn’t seem like iZ. But he was good at keeping to himself.
  8. I was tempted to try to read his mind, but I restrained myself. I had to respect his privacy. Yes... It is possible to read minds, but that's a whole ‘nother topic (which is quite boring).
    And yeah, I can turn into animals too, but that's for later...
    Sunlight leaked into the small clearing. I opened my eyes. Everyone else had woken up and were tending to the wounds they received from last night.
    "Good morning," I said.
    "Morning" everyone else said.
    Lyn came toward me. "Want me to heal that?" she pointed to my leg.
    I looked down and my leg. A deep cut ran from my ankle to my knee. I looked back at Lyn and nodded. She whispered the spell and waved her hand over my leg. The skin knitted itself together.
    "Thanks," I said. I was bad at healing wounds, and Lyn knew that.
    "No problem," she smiled and went to gather her supplies.
    I stood up, and put my bag of arrows over my shoulder. Then I started thinking. If we started now, we could make it to Erram by nightfall.
    The Tranquil River runs off of the Torp mountains and cuts through the center of Nemeran Forest. Then, in collects into Lake Cevka, so named for the nearby city, Cevka. But don't be fooled by the name. This river is almost never calm.

    Here's what I was thinking: We walk about two miles to the tranquil River. Nearby there should be a canoe that seats 8 elves. There are 5 of us, and the last 3 seats could hold our weapons. We go down-stream until we get out of the Nemeran forest. Then get out on the other side. It was a crazy plan. There were a lot of sharp rocks, but the river was nearly a mile wide, which most likely would leave plenty of space between the canoe and the rocks. It would also bring us to Erram faster... I think.
    I would tell the others about my plan soon, but first, I had to find out where iZ was going. I walked over to him. "We're heading to Erram today." I said. He nodded. "Where are you going?"
    "I’m not sure. Is it okay if... If I come to Erram with you?"
    "Sure," I said. "I might know a place where you can stay. My friend Renethon lives in Erram." iZ stiffened when he heard about the name.
    "That sound familiar."

    By now, Liz had joined the conversation. "It should. Renethon trains the elves that wish to become warriors, like me and Irin, not just regular soldiers, or healers, or Magic masters"
    iZ nodded, but he looked distracted.

    I decided to tell everyone my plan then. When I was done, Liz told me, "Irin, you’re crazy! You know how fast that River runs!"
    "I think it could be fun!" Dash said. "I know some spells that might slow the river down."
    "It would definitly get us to Erram faster." Lyn said. "but Liz is right, it's kinda dangerous."
    It was 2 to 2. iZ had the deciding vote. We all looked at him. "I say we go for it." he said.
    I smiled. "Let’s do it then!"
  9. We went North. I didn't know why I was compelled to ride the river- as if I didn’t have enough danger last night! But the first thing to know about me is that I live for adventure. Renethon always said that if I ever went down, I would go down fighting. And he's probably right. I couldn't imagine it any other way.
    We kept walking. I heard the faint sound of the rushing river. We were getting closer.
    We reached the river. It rushed and churned. It was flowing fast. I began to think this wasn't such a good idea.
    "Start looking for the canoe," I said. We spread out along the River bank. After a few minutes of searching, Dash yelled out, "I’ve found it!" We all went to the canoe. It was covered with fallen branches and dead leaves.
    "Is that thing safe?" Liz asked. It looked old, and worn down from the elements.
    "I’m sure it's safe," Lyn said. She walked over and laid her hand on the boat. She closed her eyes, and after a few seconds, something like a shock wave went around the canoe, restoring it to its original state and blowing the branches and leaves off.
    "Cool," I breathed.
    "Either way, it’s safe now," Lyn said.
    Dash stood at the back of the canoe. And started to push it to the river. The rest of us put our weapons in every other seat, made sure there were enough oars, then helped dash, who seemed eager to get the canoe into the river. At the last second we all jumped in and picked up the oars. I was in the front; Lyn was in back of me, then iZ, then Liz, and finally, Dash.

    We surged forward, pushed by the power of the river. I was being splattered by water, and I'm sure everyone else was too. I found the canoe nearly uncontrollable. We were no match for the river's strength. This was a bad idea.
    Sharp rocks were coming up around the river bend. I tried to paddle, but it was no use. We were getting closer to the rocks.
    The canoe made contact with the rocks. The rocks scratched the hull, but thankfully, it didn't make a hole. For a split second it occurred to me that I should’ve brought something to bail with..
    I looked ahead. In a matter of seconds, we would crash head on into a huge boulder. "Lean right!" I yelled, trying to be louder than the rushing water. Apparently they heard me. We all leaned right. We all got wet. What was supposed to be an attempt to save the canoe, ended up in having the canoe capsize.
    I held my breath, and opened my eyes. I was underwater, as was Liz, Lyn, and iZ.
    I couldn't find Dash. I fought to get to the surface. I broke through the water, and gasped for breath before I was sucked under again. The river rushed all around me, forcing me downstream. I struggled to get to the surface. There I caught a quick glimpse of everyone else before I was pulled under. Lyn had transformed into a snowy owl and was flying above the river. A Shark-Dash- was helping iZ get to shore. Liz was holding onto the canoe and trying to get back into it.
    Under the water, I tried to swim to the nearest shore. Then, the breath was knocked out of me as I slammed into some rocks. I tried to take in air, but only water came. I was drowning.
    I pushed my feet against the rocks in an attempt to get to the surface. I got there, just in time, and started coughing. I was just about ready to kill whoever said this river was tranquil.
    Liz was in the canoe, and she was trying to get towards me. I tried to swim against the current. Liz was coming closer. She reached out her hand. I could almost reach it...almost...almost...Go it! She pulled me into the canoe.
  10. 'Safe' in the canoe I started coughing again. Then I looked at Liz. She started yelling. "Got anymore brilliant ideas?"
    "Okay, so this wasn't my best idea, but-"
    "Best? HA! This doesn't come close to best. This is THE WORST idea you have ever had, and-"
    We hit a rock, and were nearly jolted out of the canoe. Liz continued. "And the worst part is that we have to stick with your stupid plan because we’re still in this canoe! And now, we're separated from the rest of the group! They can't catch up to us, and we can't go back-"
    "Liz! Relax!" I yelled. "We can fix this! This is what we trained for. So come on! Grab an oar and start paddling."
    It was pointless to continue arguing there, so Liz started to paddle.
    We tried to avoid the rocks when we could, bit when we couldn't, the canoe got scratched. Lyn must have done a pretty good job fixing the boat, because it never leaked. Once, we both fell out, but we got back in again, shivering. It was the beginning of spring, and the water was ice cold. We were both relived when we saw the end of the forest.
  11. Dash helped iZ get to the riverbank. Lyn flew down, transformed, and helped Dash get up after he transformed.
    "Let’s do that again!" Dash shouted.
    "I’d rather not," Lyn said. She wrung out her light brown hair. "What are we gonna do now, Irin...? Irin?"
    "She and Liz were heading downstream in the canoe, the last time I saw them." iZ said.
    "Great. No way we're gonna catch up to them.
    "What if they get hurt?" Lyn asked.
    "They'll be fine. The edge of the forest isn't too far from here, and the river gets calmer from there."
    Lyn nodded. "We should get going then, and hopefully meet up with them in Erram."
    "Erram is the North-West so we should head that way," Dash pointed to the North west."
    "Wouldn’t it be easier to walk along the river?" iZ asked.
    "No. It was only faster in the canoe, because the water would be pushing us. Without the canoe, it would take a lot longer." Lyn said.
    "Oh,” okay."
    "Onward to Erram!" Dash shouted. He was bursting with enthusiasm. Dash started at a quick pace to Erram.
    Lyn rolled her eyes and smiled. Dash looked like a maniac, running around, wet from swimming in the river. She said to iZ, "Just go along with it, you get used to him after awhile." She ran after Dash, and iZ followed.
  12. The River was slowing down. We were out of the forest by now. "Paddle to shore," Liz said. In a few minutes, Liz and I were at the riverbank, getting out of the canoe. Liz wrung out her light brown hair, then wove it into a braid. I summoned our weapons. It looked like Everyone else forgot their weapons, because a lot more weapons turned up then just ours. We each took our own weapons, and then divided up the rest. We would return them to their owners when we met in Erram.
  13. "Shoot, we forgot our weapons!" Dash said. "They’re probably bouncing along in the river somewhere."
    "At least those weren't my poisoned arrows. I told you not to bring your best weapons along."Lyn said.
    "Yeah, yeah," Dash rolled his eyes. "At least you still have your dagger,"
    "I ALWAYS have my dagger," which was true.
    "That was my only sword!" iZ said.
    "We'll get you another one in Erram," Dash said.
    "You don't understand. That was my brother's sword,"
    "It’s too late to go back now. I'll get you a better sword in Erram," Lyn promised.
    iZ nodded, "Thanks," he muttered bitterly.
  14. I stood facing north. Many hills and valleys separated us from Erram. The sun was high in the sky. It was mid-day. If we were fast enough, they could make it to Erram by sun down. But with all of the weapons we wouldn't be as fast.
    "We should get moving," I said.
    Liz nodded, but said nothing. I sensed that she was still mad at me.
    "Look, Liz, I'm sorry things didn’t go as planned, but-"
    "Let’s just get going!" she said sharply. She walked in front of me, and I followed.
    Angrily, Liz marched up the hill, moving faster than I thought was possible with all those weapons. I tried to move just as fast. I had no idea why she was so mad.
    Okay, so we got a little wet. We survived. Now I found myself angry at Liz for being angry at me. "You’re making a big deal out of nothing," I said
    "Am I? Really?" she said sarcastically.
    "We got a little wet, that's all,"
    "You almost drowned,"
    "But I didn't,"
    "But you ALMOST did." I was quite after that, and she continued, "Remember Merlof?"
    I nodded.
    "I was crushed when he died. I didn't know how I could go on without him."

    I nodded again. "You were falling for him."
    "I was," she admitted. "You’re like a sister to me. I don't know how I could deal without you."
    "I don't know what I would do without you, either." I told her.
    We walked in silence for a few moments, then Liz said, "I’m sorry I got so mad."
    "It’s okay."
    We continued walking toward Erram.
  15. "I can see the edge of the forest now!" Dash said.
    "We're making good time," Lyn said. "I thought it would be another hour before we made it to the edge."
    "How much longer until we get to the city?"iZ asked.
    "We might make it before sunset," Dash said.
    The three of them emerged from the forest, into the bright sunlight. Ahead were the many hills and valleys that they would have to cross to get to Erram.
    "let's go," Lyn said.
    "Do you suppose Irin and Lizeren are nearby?" Dash asked.
    "They should be. I'll go and look for the,." Said Lyn.
    Before anyone could say a word, Lyn started running. She ran up a nearby hill, and when she got to the top, she jumped with her arms spread out. Then, a bright light appeared, blinding Dash and iZ. The bright light dissolved, and in its place a snowy owl appeared, flying.
    On the ground, iZ was stunned. He had never seen a transformation like that before.
    "Amazing, huh?" Dash said.
    iZ nodded.
  16. Lyn ran up the hill, eager to get into the air. She jumped, then, transformed. She was in the air, beating her wings, getting higher and higher every second. She loved to fly. It gave her so much freedom, and control. There was no feeling like it. Lyn looked down, and briefly saw iZ and Dash gazing up at her. To her left, Lyn could barely see the Torp Mountains in the distance. Up ahead, were many mountains and valleys. Beyond them, was the Great city of Erram. The view was amazing! Lyn wished she could have enjoyed it for awhile longer, but she had to find Irin and Liz.
  17. I looked down, scanning the land for two small figures. I circled around, then, after a few minutes, I found them. I angled my winds to turn, then, I started to glide down.
    Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something in the sky. I looked up, and two things caught my attention.
    One: There was a white owl flying just above me and Liz.
    Two: To the north, gray clouds began to fill the sky. It looked like a storm was coming.
    The Owl began to glide down. I tapped Liz on the shoulder, and she followed my gaze.
    "It must be Lyn," she said
    I nodded as I watched the owl transform into the angle I knew as Lyn. Lyn walked closer to us and smiled. "iZ and Dash are over there," she pointed to the forest. Not too far from where we were, Dash and iZ stood on a hill.
  18. iZ and Dash trudged up the hill, scanning the sky for Lyn.
    "She went down over here," Dash said. He made it up to the hill. "There they are!" he shouted. He waved trying to get Irin, Liz, and Lyn's attention.
    iZ ran after Dash, panting. Being half angle, Dash was fast. He forgot that iZ could not keep up, and although iZ was physically fit, he could not match the pace that Dash set. iZ finally reached the top of the hill, and stood next to Dash.
  19. I saw Dash waving and I waved back.
    "Let’s wait for them here so they can catch up." Liz said.
    I nodded, looking at those storm clouds. They were dark. I didn’t like the look of them.

    "Come on iZ, they're waiting for us." Dash ran down the hill. iZ sighed and followed. He wondered if he would ever get used to Dash, and how he was always full of energy.

    Dash and iZ started coming toward us. I turned to Lyn. "We have your weapons."
    I handed her the Bow and arrows.
    "That's great! We completely forgot until about an hour ago." She took her weapons. "Do you have iZ's sword?"
    I looked at what I was carrying. I had Dash's sword, but not iZ's. "Do you have it, Liz?"
    "I think so," she said. She held up an extra sword.
    "iZ should be happy. He said that was his brother's sword."
    I nodded. iZ was becoming more of a mystery to me every second. but we all have something to hide. For me, it was my past, and where I came from. For Lyn, it was the fact that she is half human. Liz never wants any romance, because it always ends in disaster for her. Dash is a fast runner for a reason. He always seems to be running away. But I don't know from what.
    We all have something to hide, but it looked like iZ had more than just one thing he was hiding.