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  1. Donno, I respect what your saying bro, and you got a wicked mind for this game....but doesn't this system actually create divisions? LB war LB SH war SH.

    I've noticed as the matches are created up the LB the higher tiered matches are more heavily towered and veteran war builds dominate the rosters. Peer pressure will also help mold new warring accounts to toughen up.

    I know you've pushed the ideas of divisions for a while now, but with clan rostered wars there's always a top dog. Cause there can ALWAYS be a top possition..the moment you have a competition for rank 1..then inevitably, no one wants to be rank 2. So clans roster to be rank forward and you get what we have now.

    I think kaw admin can add some layers to these wars, and help push activity/participation and individual rewards in these new type of wars to further help reduce the problems, adding admins that can boot inactives, spells to penalize inactivity, etc

    A well build account will always out perform a soft built one, rewarding based on action counts/KOs/plunder would also help push better PVP built accounts.
  2. Probably the most respected lb's made this thread and it is darn good. Everything said is true and i am glad that we now have individual wars.

    Thank you devs and great thread val
  3. I spent s1 as a gh after resetting my build, quitting, changing my mind and rebuilding. Just so happened gh was the best way to grow and was similar time to ee being introduced to the game.

    Was still gh at start of s2 but as gh mechs got nerfed started converting to a towered hansel build.

    Got rancor 50 s1, got rancor 40 s2.

    Spent s3 practically unable to war as hansels, even ones with experience and were able to war fell into disfavour.

    Converted my build and still struggled to find wars as mids are now in disfavour over a preference for 3/4 lb/bigs close to lb and rest sh.

    The individual wars I've been in have been rosters full of builds in a similar situation to me where if you want to war (prior to individual wars) you have to go to a noob clan off wc or not war.

    I don't know what it's like in the bigger individual matches or the smaller and sh matches but the fact I've actually been able to get a war outweighs the chance of getting eb builds or noobs that won't crystal.

    Clan unity is one thing and I too want to war with my friends but until s4 starts and we get back to bigger rosters, which will hopefully see the end of all sh rosters, I don't see the problem with individual wars.

    You don't have to sign up for them and personally, until they fix the game mechs, I see no reason why the individual wars can't be integrated into the rotation of different types of war, keep everyone happy.
  4. I like the individual war it allows more players the chance to war. And yes you will war with those who don't know how to war because they weren't given the chance. So you teach them and they will do better next time you face them or work with them. This gives players a way to learn the war aspect of the game.

    I'm looking for a new war build. I dropped mine about mid way through s3. I couldn't war and win in any clan because I couldnt get into a good enough clan(because I was a mid). So follow me if you are willing to help. Thank you to everyone who helps.

    No I will not go sh/gh
  5. Long time reader, first time poster.

    Excuse my pour grandma and spelling but I don't care.

    Val you know I love you bro 

    It's not I'm pushing for divisions more I'm pushing devs to find a solution that is great for the games direction.

    Don't get me wrong I think there is a place got individual wars it's just not a solution it adds more problems than solving them. Yes it gets greater participation from those that can't find clans or have bad builds and gets closer match ups, however there are other ways of getting better match ups. As you just stated in effect individual wars are in effect creating divisions and as you said this will hopefully push those to change builds well they should change to join a clan anyway.

    Individual wars brings it's own inherent problems - letting you kick an inactive isn't a solution ( why should I have to kick one and fight a man down), having to fight with a pure spy with allies ( why should I). We need to control our own destiny it's a war game you say who wants to be no 2 well if your not matching no 1 every week who cares.

    Having seen clans almost get ripped apart from ee I would prefer to see a system implemented that could help clans - remember when estoc wasn't transportable because everyone wanted a system that tried to promote clans. It's like we have all just given up and said a system can't be created that gives even match ups, creates clan unity and addresses gh/sh. Sorry I can't just accept mediocrity and want to see a better direction.

    Blah blah rant swig burp
  6. I see merit to that Donno, I really do, I love the romantic idea of warring at home, with my friends and having a clan to match that's perfectly even to my own....that would be ideal...

    Haven't seen it yet, maybe a handful of times, ever, and I've done a lot of wars... not enough ppl warring, not enough clans, not enough "normal rosters"...

    Also to be clear, I did start this thread to promote indv wars...I see merit there, but not with the idea that these are the ONLY wars. I see these wars as an unfinished work in progress that isn't a "dead" end, and I'd like to see ppl support new ppl wanting to war.

    There is huge merit to more ppl warring and a fair matching system, it can start there.
  7. Really couldn't have said it any better myself.
  8. We'll thought out and you are right about everything said. support
  9. Someone should take me under their wing... I've been looking in to wars but I have no idea how to go about doing so.
  10. So how bout this...start the season 100% individual, but persist the clans. After war you can stay or leave. Next war, cast and then the roster is filled with random people to fill up the numbers and keep the rosters even. Eventually, you get some quality evenly matched clans. These clans cannot be joined and people cannot be dropped.....
  11. Rex,

    You can participate in wars now just sign up no one supporting the wars here should complain. But if you want to "war" you will need someone to give advice on build, pots, mith, xstsls how different trackers report, how to tell if a player is open if your ko, how to tell if player is weak by how many spies/troops they loose and the report given on action etc. you should spend time looking at this before truely warring,

    Old grumpy bastard
  12. I know a few things on war:

    Ko: knockout
    Sko: self knock out
    Xtal is more of an experienced thing
    And a little else, but I wouldn't mind a little bit if coaching from someone, if someone doesn't mind.
  13. Same here rex.
  14. I would like for everyone to know:

    1.Sh is a build that helps people more new to the game like me war. I cant exactly make myself a tank when I'm new to the game.
    2. Everyone is all "sh this, exploit that". The thing is,not all clans use "80% Sh and rest LB".
    If you want to cry about those rosters, then do a all big roster. You need to look around these and stop whining. Heck, people still use mids for war. Look at the clan Mini Mooncake. Top Notch war clan that is recruiting Towered Mids. Heck, go make your own warclan and use mids. And the thing is, Not all sh can hit mids! Still matching those rosters? Use some Pure Spies, the sh killers of the game. I am tired of people whining about sh's. Stop whining and actually do something!
    3. As said earlier, not all clans stack. Clans like Silver use all bigs. Heck, s3 a clan called st26 (dont remember full name) Used Ps and tanks! Never used Sh! That clan kicked butt too!
    4. devs said they would fix the system a few months ago. has this change happened??? Nope. Indy wars are not the "fix to the system" that we are still awaiting.
    5. I do not enjoy signing up for a war that I will probably lose. All the Inactives, Horrible Builds, and all that other stuff. But people do enjoy that! I would love if we did a 50/50 wars, half indy,half with clans. Would be enjoyable for us all!
    6.People whining about using shs when they use sh in their rosters all the time! I hate this so much! If you hate sh so much,dont use them.
    7. I have no idea about builds and plunder,but this just had me thinking; If sh got nerfed and devs fixed plunder, wouldnt that make SOS level 3 pay way better? Wouldnt that just make sh triple in size? (I have no idea about build and plunder,so hate all you want)

    Just a few things that have caught my eye. Love/Hate Replies Below vvvvvvv
  15. I keep getting major lag and I get hit before ups come up and I try to start attacking a minute before my up but I can't attack yet people can attack me can anyone explain this?
  16. Esouls,

    I'm not professing gh/sh are exploiting a system and would like to see a system that they could war however they aren't conducive to providing a good match in the current format and that does need to be addressed.

    To say your new to the game and it allows you to war  sorry but I can LLBC in less than a day as most can ( it was one of the reasons the devs scrapped the reset equipment and that's when everything was full price). Look at 80% of gh/sh look at how long they have being a gh most are over a year it doesn't take that long to grow. People fight as gh/sh as they find hard to get accept in clan as a mid or large no bfa - that is why many drop to be gh/sh. If they addressed that it would be a better solution.
  17. Full support bro, read my mind to the fullest. These newcindie wars have allowed more than half my clan and friends back in the EE mix. This was the best idea the devs have done so far to fix the broken system. They have balanced literally every aspect of the war making them exactly as they were intended to be. Thank you devs, and Thanks Valk for posting this thread! ;)
  18. So Donno,you are saying I can become a big/tank in no time? I can't.
  19. No what ppl dislike is that they war with their good build and get stuck teamed up with hansel and hybirds. People want to war with other people who work hard to be ready for war. Wth would sum1 who put $100 into a game want to be teamed up with sum1 who has no pots xstal and has no clue what to do unless sum1 tells them step by step. Next step in ypur plan should say lets make war eq drop from eb so everyone gets it.