Individual Wars and their Brackets

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  1. There are people whose build make it in to the higher brackets in the "Individual War". It seems like their BFE allows them to do well at that level but doing well is not enough. Their desire to dominate draws them to drop their build to make it into the lower level bracket. This has created pretty unfair and unbalanced matches that cause those with little BFE to lose interest in warring since they remain pinned the whole war.

    Please dont get me wrong .. i don feel that this is cheating .. if anything i feel that it is strategic do so. I my self may end up doing the same thing soon. 

    However, i believe that if someone decides to drop their build to war against mostly noobs at the lower brackets then the "Token" and "Event Item Drop" payout should be less and commensurate with the bracket level.

    Basically .. the higher the bracket that one wars should determine the amount of the reward that is paid out.
  2. The backlash from smaller tier players being unable to compete with larger tier players would be a concern here. But yeah something should be done to tweak the system.
  3. Just put bfe into the matching system problem solved.
  4. Beat me to it! BFE is not counted in ranking, or matching. Unlike BFA.

    Look at Athlien for an example of a BFA build. And he has never dropped build to 'compete'. Established players are more likely to stop growing and use just their BFE to dominate newer players for easy wins (or at least easy actions).

    I dabbled with an alt in the newbie bracket and it was fairly obvious that one person was using three equal sized accounts to effectively manipulate the results. There were strip-proof (not much bfa, just ultra-expensive from using bars to volley with the main), but had massive bfe from consistently getting top 100 war eq.

    Devs responded that including bfe would be too easy to manipulate, so there :(
  5. As such a build you are describing (though I never dropped build to do it and am not quite as strong as some of the others in the lower brackets), I completely agree.

    I wouldn't say rewarding less items or whatever is fair, but the way it is now is not fair either. I have 4b bfe, there is no way a new player would stand a chance against that.

    Calculate bfe in and then lock equipped eq, just like they do with allies, problem solved if you ask me.

    I don't war often, but when I do, I want a good and solid fight, not a roll over noon stomp.
  6. Best solution IMO -

    Just under a year ago I was in the basement bracket and it was not fun especially since my equipment at the time suck.

    New players need to use their silver bar and grow out of that bracket ASAP.
  7. I do agree with this sentiment-even in my bracket (or the one below that I used to be in), bfe still does matter a lot. Some people try to war but they simply haven't collected any of the high started equip that events are giving us now. As a result, a decent looking war build turns into a leaky one.
  8. It seems like collecting all of the 12 equipment pieces takes a good amount of time .. not to mention it takes time to be able to collect the ones that have high stats.

    In the mean time the smaller builds with little to no equipement should be able to compete against each other with out the bracket being infiltrated by bigger ones .. not to say that they cant and should not be able to war at the lower brackets but if they choose to war there then they get a lower reward payout.

  9. This seems not be a good solution since ine can get silver bars and grow to be 100 mill cs and be pinned by some one who is only 30 mill cs ... its all about BFE and the BFE takes a long time to collect .. in the mean time the lower bracket to not give the same reward as the higher ones .. if this is done it will cause anyone thinking of breaking their build (to make it into the lower brackets) to think twice before doing so.
  10. The issue is ee is all about making it as easy as possible. If you take this away, they'll find something else. At least this is combatible. Grow past these brackets, or fairy your way to the same equip. The next exploit may not be combatible.
  11. Meh devs don't care about wars, there hasn't been a new war type in 1 1/2 years, haven't had new mith equip in 2 years, there won't be a s7, asw had 160 less ppl than last year and it's just gonna be worse next year if there even is asw next year, and to top it off we don't get equip from being in top 100/50/10 war anymore.
  12. FFA LL War clans r individuals. Solve that 1st
  13. Really? .. that solves it? .. i dont agree.

    LL WARS need someone to accept you into the clan or you need to make your owm clan and find 14 people that are willing to war.

    INDI WARS you just click on the sign up buttomg and you get placed in a clan to war.
  14. Until people can use their whole build to war with their own clanmates, ee's slow death will continue.
  15. I'd buy 100 xstals tonight if they brought primals back, even if only in rotation. I used to want to grow to help my clan in we wars, that's irrelevant now.
  16. Anytime the devs come up with something new for ee war, people make it their priority to find the exploit. How many times does the cycle need to repeat before they give up?

  17. That is so wrong dude, new players would get bullied it higher brackets, New players should get silver bars and build to a certain cs and get some bfe and move up then get some bfa and more bfe and move up, these moves take 2-3 months each and like 1 and half years later ur in top bracket
  18. Your idea is too simplistic imo.
    1st if it were I helping someone to build and learn war i ask them questions.
    Starting off with is war your priority? Or 1 of them.
    If yes then proceed on to what build they want to war with explaining each builds strengths.
    Then set a build program suitable to their play style and how to go about it.
    After that teach them the war basics and encourage them to try wars first hand for experience.
    Stay in touch to help them proceed and allow them time to get better versed and understanding.

    We all started at the bottom and were mentored if we sought advice.