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  1. but i liked it. other than noobs without castle lvl 2 casting woc just to look cool. :evil:

    i mean i had someone in cc ask me today whats a pot. wow just wow
  2. We're thrilled to hear this! It seems players are really enjoying individual wars so far:)

    We're definitely aware of the inactive issue and hope to at least partially address this through our updated War Rewards system. We're running our first few tests with this system this week by giving out a few extra Dragon Eggs for specific actions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will look to further implement the system to combat inactive players.

    In our first few Individual Wars we ran into a few hiccups that we've since resolved. The matchup process should continue to happen fairly quickly from this point forward :)
  3. I participated in my first indiv war yesterday. While there was alot of confusion and some ppl were stepping on toes of our assigned tracker, the war itself was evenly matched and went right down to the wire. i enjoyed the experience, just not the drama from the temp clan 
  4. Hey kaw_comm, any way you could maybe allow for when we first get put into a clan to let us be able to hit people on our team? Everyone has at least, 1 ps on their side and without being able to clear them, it allows for our opponents to be able to hit at least once
  5. Ive done 2 IW so far, they have been amazing. They were noth great matchups to start with, after the war was exciting, close and great fun to be apart of, you meet new people warring that you havent seen before, you see some great actions in the war, there is different tactics, and overall alot more fun. With the inactives, inactives are inactives, you have to learn to war what you have got, thats the challenge of these wars, you get a bunch of people, you have to use them wisely, yes inactives are annoying and can cause losses, but you have to work out what to do with them
  6. Devs I see your answering, maybe next war you could even out the spy-troop build ratio?

    I believe we have 11/12 spy builds to our opponents 9, making us at a disadvantage as hansels and ps can't plunder much, especially not towerless ones
  7. Simple solution 3b, bank and clear before leaving home clan, its not like you have any reason not to, cant hit before those wars anyway
  8. I think the Individual wars are fantastic, and refreshing - a new lease of life for EE

    Match ups have been great, compared to how EE has been the last season or two i really cant see how anyone has any reason to complain about one or two inbalances

    I'd actually support going forwards with Season 4 being all Individual wars, maybe keep with how the promotions lately have been where you dont lose Rancor levels for a loss

    And inactives - you always get them... And you always get people looking for a farm - let people take that risk - go inactive - face coming back online naked and potless lol
  9. Question for kc
    Is it not possible to use the join war feature for these wars thus partially eliminating in-actives on rosters.
    Set a limit of ten minutes before locking that kingdom out of the war. That way an inactive cannot influence a war result beyond not attacking. But their leak can be blocked.
    Further if it is intentionally inactive. Ie if they have less than 25 actions should they join and remain inactive or in the event they fail to join at all, would it be possible to log that player profile and have them taken out of the matchup equation for example for one week as a punishment?
  10. Positives
    1. The matches are actually even
    2. Allows for anyone to war
    3. Wars are decently fun since no stacked clans

    1. Limited prep time (improved in recent ones)
    2.Admin only top 4 ( others may need control
    3. Lack of control (comes with the randomness of the selection)

    Overall I think these are great alternatives for new and experienced players who want a 50% chance at winning a war and maybe gaining some experience under their belt. Mids have been really been placed on the back burner in wars and this gives them at least a chance to war.
  11. All in all it was fun n would do it again
  12. Miths payout a bit too low but enjoy it
  13. Why am I always on the losing team .....
  14. Low payouts for mith
    Too many noob builds

    Lost it's fun for me now
  15. You need to introduce a 200k minimum stats for individual wars because there are far too many people making starless accounts to Spam CC/Walls during the war. It needs sorting because it ruins the experience for those who actually enjoy the wars.
  16. fantastic

    I love this new war system, I think it's so much better and way more fun, gives everybody an even chance and the battles are always back and forth, u never know who will truly win until the end. Keep wars like this and I'm hooked
  17. very fun I have one small request. Give admin to the ability to text somebody as an inactive after the war. or give some sort of penalties such as a minus 25% to plunder for 24 hours.
  18. I have enjoyed the wars (won 1, lost 2) and think they are a great addition to the Chaos Wars in order to introduce people to wars. However, I do not think they should be the mainstay for Season 4. There is, IMHO, too much left to chance for these wars to be the staple of Season 4. In these individual wars sometimes you don't have a WL/Tracker or you have inactives or people who refuse to crystal. If those things happen in the individual, off season, wars then so be it. But if those things happen in a clan based war, that is on your clan.

    In wars where anyone can join in (whether they intend to fully participate in the war or not) or, as has been reported, people use numerous alts in order to get matched on different teams and skew the results of certain wars (don't know if true, just reported), then you can see the potential for abuse of this type of system if it were adopted for the Season wars.

    Again, enjoyed it for the purpose of getting people exposed to war, but am firmly against this type of war being a mainstay of Season 4.